Karaya powder: a game-changer for my stoma care!


So I am still not clear on what the difference is, but I switched to karaya powder and my life is so much better now! I was using Convatec Stomahesive powder and I was having skin issues, redness and itching, also having trouble with appliance adhering due to scar tissue. I switched to Parthenon Karaya powder and my skin is so much happier now plus my appliance adheres way better! Anyone else have an experience like this?

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I never used either one. The descriptions sound the same. Maybe the Convatec Stomahesive powder has something in it that you are allergic to.

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Hi, I have only ever used Karaya 5. I did not even know there was another powder. I only use a very slight dusting and only if the skin around my stoma looks a bit red. Thank God and touch wood, I have not had a problem. So far, so good. Patrick.


I've always used Karaya powder and wondered if "stoma powder" was different.  Actually, I don't have any skin issues and could probably omit the powder spritz around the stoma, but I do it anyway just as a precaution, then follow it with a swipe of no-sting barrier film.


I haven't heard of Karaya powder. I have always seen stoma powder, does anyone know if it is the same thing? Or what company is it that has it? I tried Coloplast powder and I was allergic to it.

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Hollister makes karaya powder, which I have used for a long time.  I was told that it is a healant. 

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Henerym, thank you... and I will have to try theirs to see if it works for me... I have some irritated skin right around my stoma.

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