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Ok, but there's no fun in that. 😂 

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Starts off with…..


Progresses to….


And then a night of….


Damn !!  I thought that was a private convo !!  LOL  😱. Irish humour can be quite colorful  but it's  all relative .  Sit in an outdoor cafe  and listen , you guys would be shocked !!  Especially in Dublin , can be hilarious , double entendres etc . People here can be so funny and not even be aware of it themselves !! 🤯☘

Reply to AlexT

🤣 Is that where all my crayons went Alex?


"They look like they could both do with a good feed of Irish Roosters .(...not THOSE Roosters !!  Big Irish Spuds  called Roosters ! )  Bacon and Cabbage .. good shite !! 😂. They need meat on their bones ...she could stab him with an elbow !! "   this is what an Irish Mammy would say about the elegant couple  LOL ..🙂👍


Go out and dance! There are no restrictions.  Enjoy!!!!

Reply to Peregrine

I will! LOL ❤️


SallyK, I just saw this. What an inspirational video. Please tell me you went dancing! 🙏


I've had an ileostomy since 2020.  I recently went to a 70's party dressed like Stevie Nicks, at a local bar and grill w some friends and danced most of the night for the first time since my surgery.  My confidence has finally showed up and I had a blast w absolutely no “problems” whatsoever!!  So just do it and have some fun, but only when you feel you are ready!!!  

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