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Prolonged digestion problem and loose stool after taking antibiotics for acne..


Hello again,

i am facing some problem and thought i check if anyone here could have faced similar issues.

I had my tumor removed in November 21 and since then i have Stoma. In February i had a sudden acne breakout on my face. Dermatologist gave some antibiotics. Acne is under control but i have started having loose motion. consulted internal medicine and took a course of antibiotics again but seems not working.. planning to see my surgeon.  

is there anyone here has faced similar issues? i am worried. any lead/advice is appreciated.


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I am confused (no surprise there if you've read any of my posts) regarding questions on this site.  When it comes to Pooh questions I am guessing (without due diligence research - cause that takes too much of my brain power) colostomy and ileostomy output differ greatly.  I am thinking it would be a good idea to first post which lovely group of poo-ostomies are you dealing with when you hope to hear from folks with similarities.  Just a thought.  Hope you are back to whatever your “normal” is very soon.

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A solid plan JB. 😁


I have taken a lot of antibiotics and they do cause diarrhea. Here is something I read online.      Antibiotics work by killing or reducing the growth of certain bacteria that are making you ill, but they can also kill good, or helpful, bacteria in your intestinal system. This may disrupt the delicate balance in your intestines, allowing bad intestinal bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotic to increase.  You can also take probiotics to help. Hope this helps.         

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My apologies not being very clear in my post. I have a colostomy and living with a bag..thank you for your kind words and time..

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Thank you. I have taken both antibiotics and probiotics but no result yet..sadly..

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