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Eating lettece and tomatoes

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

Just wanted to get some opinons on eating lettece and tomatoes in hamburgers and tacos...is it ok or dont do it...please give me some advice..


Hello mdls1608. 

I'm sorry to inform you that there is no reliable 'advice' on what you can and cannot eat! We are all  different in the way that we digest different foods, so what might be okay for one person may not be okay for another. 

 As for personal opinions; I would not eat any of the items you have listed, but that has nothing to do with a  stoma and more to do with my preferences. 

If I was to give 'advice', it would be to try whatever you 'like' in small doses to see what happens, and repeat the mantra of chew-chew then chew again.  Another thing to bear in mind is that our tastes change over time so you might like to re-try some of the those things that you thought you did not like before.

Don't let your stoma hold you back in any way, but simply be sensible.

Best wishes


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I eat them all the time. 


Eat them all the time, although too much lettuce thins my output. In with a burger, no problem at all.


Bill wrote:

Hello mdls1608. 

I'm sorry to inform you that there is no reliable 'advice' on what you can and cannot eat! We are all  different in the way that we digest different foods, so what might be okay...

Absolutely agree Bill great advice!    Lettuce is pretty much a “no can do” for me but as you say, others may be fine with it.


Hi M i had a fat burger off the grill with tomato on it yesterday but i made sure i chewed it well, also when i have tacos my wife shreds the lettuce and chops the tomatos  smaller, i also eat BLT,s. try a little at a time.   


My husband is a new ileostomy. I just chop up more than I normally would. He has eaten both without problem. We're also noticing for some things it's the quantity that affects him. Too many onions and peppers are a definite gas occasion. I'm a nurse but this group is educating and guiding me about things I never thought of and things the ostomy nurse never said.


I also can eat lettuce and tomato on my burgers as well in my tacos. The only thing is the tomato skin comes out as it goes in. But I’d say it very well and you shouldn’t have an issue as said early try a little at the time. 


Hi, I have no issues with lettuce and none with tomatoes if I take the skin off. One of the things that I find I miss the most is raw, fresh vegetables. They were a huge part of my diet. As long as you chew really well, they shouldn't cause too much trouble.  I do not suggest eating whole mushrooms, cabbage,  sourcrout or Chinese vegetables.  Anything stringy can cause a blockage.


I’m 4 months post-ileostomy and do tomatoes on a sandwich, but VERY well chewed. The jury is out on lettuce. If possible, remove the skin and you should fine either with the above caveat.


I would add that not all lettuces are the same...if you want to try it, I'd suggest starting with a small amount of iceberg, then romaine maybe. Personally I can eat all lettuces and cabbages but am cautious about kale and spinach, won't eat them raw and chop them up very small in the food processor to add to soup, etc. And yes, chew extremely well...if it's not breaking down with your teeth, i'd discard it...if in doubt, spit it out. 


I have ileostomy and basically eat anything.  Was told to avoid Cob Corn, Peanuts and Fresh pineapple.   Other than that if it tastes good I eat.  Yeah some foods give a liquid finish LOL.  But I enjoy the tastes so just take it in my stride. 


My surgeon said I could eat anything and my oncologist said no salads. I don't eat salads anymore and mostly eat proteins. 

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