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Inverted stoma on Colostomy causes leaks almost daily. How eat to prevent?


I have an inverted stoma on my  colostomy  for diverticulitis (though previously I had zero symptoms and clean colonoscopies ) The stoma is at the very top of the small stoma  hole, and slightly under the edge of the skin.  Output has to ooze its way from underneath skin and over the top to  make its way out. Creates a  BIG PANCAKE always.  If the output is thick, it shoves under the wafer and makes a mess. If it is more liquid, it sprays from under the wafer and makes a bigger mess.   Doctor and stoma nurse have been unable to find method of keeping pouch intact. Often the break happens during active output.

I do not know what to eat that will prevent this happening. Does anyone have normal stool after a colostomy? or is it always either thick chunky  peanut butter or thin , runny pudding? I'm losing weight like mad. I used to eat a lot of salad, potatoes, cheese, nuts, fruits. Now, I have no idea what I can eat that will give me normal life. IF any of you have solved a similar problem, please advise.

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What kind of bags do you use? 


Hi there,

I am so sorry I know how you feel.. I have an Ileostomy and My stoma is also inverted and I have leaks my skin is very irritated. I have to change it Daily .. technically if I go by the book I would be changing it every couple hours. I am not sure what they have told you to try or what you have tried. Have you talked to your doctor about it getting revised.. having it pulled out more? 


Hi, 24 year veteran of ileostomy with a recessed stoma courtesy of a peristomal hernia a few years back.  Had a beauty before the op, but them's the breaks.  I get a fair few leaks, especially (of course) while I'm asleep.  About the only things that have helped me is not eating too late, say not after 6 - 7pm meaning there is less in the bag.  Using tapes in a square around the flange to extend the coverage. The tape doesn't stop the leakage, but it does allow the leak to get to the point of stinging enough to wake you before you end up covered in it.  I've also started moulding the rings I add to my pouch to sit INTO the recess.. Picture an upside down volcano.  I've tried using belts and panties etc.. but the warmth makes for more gas and more leaks!  All the best, always know where you're towel is. X


Hey Kathy 

I understand completely.. mine is below the skin level I too have leaks everyday.. my skin right under my stoma had red ring from my output.. and the bottom of my wafer won't stay stuck right there because my out hit right at that spot so it lifts it up get under my wafer. I am at the point where I have to have it pulled out . I have literally tried everything single thing know to man and then some, nothing works for me.  


That's great you have a good hospital with good staff those are hard to come by . Yes red irritated skin is no fun at all hurts bad .. so your redness went away or you still have redness? Before I moved I tried getting my doctor that did the surgery to pull it out more I was having some issues then about 2-3 months ago.. he didn't want to touch it and now obviously the leaking has gotten worse and my skin can't take much more 🥺...  I moved so I will be going to a new doctor hopefully he is a good one if not I am leaving on on to find another one .. until I find the right one. what did you doctor say bout it being a below skin level?


Hi, I can relate to the awfulness of the runny or  peanut butter consistencies and the despair of the pancake leakages. They caused me to feel very panicked and overwhelmed and I began hating having an ostomy.  My "life with colostomy" has improved sooo much in that aspect over the last couple of months.  I think that having a banana daily (I have a dark chocolate covered frozen one!) as a binder has greatly assisted firming up my output consistency and in changing it into solid forms that just kind of pop out of my stoma (her name is "Cherry") very nicely.  It makes having the ostomy really pretty easy as I can wear the pouch for several days and emptying it is a breeze.   The other intentional things I do now to encourage this output consistency are eating a few pretzels or animal crackers or or naan or oyster crackers (some kind of basically zero nutrient bread type filler item) throughout the day and especially before or right after I eat something like a fresh avocado half or some fresh mango.  It's frustrating to me to have to eat those empty calorie items and smaller portions of the fresh healthy items but incorporating that combo into my life has made an incredible difference in my ability to "enjoy" living with an ostomy.

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