Swimming after ileostomy: Tips for returning to the pool?


Had ileostomy placed 3 weeks ago. Doc is okay with swimming. 4 months ago, I had 2 total knee replacements, so I'd like to get back to some water therapy. I'm reluctant. Any tips for getting back to the pool? Is there a specific bag I need? Suit? Bag cover? Thanks!


Morning JennT...nothing special needed, dive right in....if you're worried, cover your filter with tape or a sticker and add adhesive strips around the wafer.....enjoy



I usually wear a binder, actually just discovered surfing rash guard shirts for swimming so I look cool while covering my stool, (hey a rhyme ;)

Hope that helps


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If you are totally healed, you are good to go. No open wounds. I wear a bandeau (tube top), but that is just me. If your bag is tight on land, it should be good in the water.

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I had to look up what a rash guard shirt was, I didn't want some Minnesotan looking cooler than me. Even though I don't wear a shirt much during the summer (cause I don't really care if people know I have an ostomy), I do wear those for work and most of the time when it's hot and being clothed is necessary. Guess I've been more cool than I knew.

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I wore a one-piece suit 4 weeks after my reversal surgery that did not work. I could not even tell I had a bag on under the swimming suit.

That was awesome, but I do think I put a new dry one on after I was done swimming.


I like to wear a two-piece bathing suit, that way it is easier to empty my bag than it would be for a one-piece. Just my opinion! Have fun!!

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Makes sense.

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I knew I was only going to swim a couple of hours. I made sure it was empty before going and had no need to empty it during "swimming time". I guess if it was going to be a whole day at the beach, that would make a lot of sense.

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