Pancaking issues with ileostomy - seeking advice


Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, yet have had an ileostomy for over 17 years. I wanted to know how do other ostomates deal with pancaking. The past few months, my stoma has decided to hide from the world, yet contents are going behind my baseplate, with the outcome of fecal matter on my skin, lifting the baseplate off and causing accidents. Last night, I had to change my whole 2-piece system 4 times. This gets me low even after all these years. Any advice would be gratefully received. X


Have you talked to your doctor about having it redone so it sticks out more? If it's truly below skin level, I'm not sure what else can be done.


Try blowing in the bag before putting it on. I had that problem.

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It does stick out, yet when output is solid, due to adhesions in the abdomen, this affects output. As soon as I realize it's sunk in, I press around the stoma and it pops back out.

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Funnily enough, I did this last night, then stuck a sticky over the vent. I thought this was a fluke, that it worked. So maybe this is the solution. The stoma does stick out when it chooses to behave.

Thank you for this.

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Morning Rosebud...have you tried adding a little bit of baby oil, swish around the bag before you put it on? It helps waste slide down to avoid sticking and pancaking near the well, do you wear a barrier ring to protect the skin around the stoma and block waste....



After each time that you empty, make sure that you leave air in the bag.  Sometimes it's as simple as that to prevent pancaking.

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Oh, well that changes everything. Like others have said....air in the bag, lubricate the inside of the bag, cover the filter or use non-filtered bags, etc. Good luck.


I agree, you need air in the bag, just a little. Used to happen to me, not anymore. Best of luck, Magoo.


Wow, 17 years with a stoma - I can't even begin to imagine how tough it has been through those years for you and all the long-term ostomates. I am guessing there was little information and even less help for ostomates in the past. I am new to this (2 years) and at least I have had the worldwide web as well as this site of "on the job buddies" who are sure to respond to any questions I may have. This site has certainly helped me to accept and move on.

That being said, my daughter claims I am a minimalist and this is certainly true when it comes to caring for my ostomy. I find myself wanting to have the least amount of equipment possible on change day - it cramps my style. Lol - all the paraphernalia is exasperating to me. I attribute this to my old age, shortness of stature, breath, and patience. I pause here to inject something funny I read the other day and I quote: "Bruce Jenner is the only person in the history of the world who wanted to be a 65-year-old woman" ;- not that there's anything wrong with that.

Now for my 2 cents' worth regarding your question. I found many of my ostomate buddies encouraging the use of barrier rings, which, to me, was just another piece of shit (excuse my expression) to add to the pile of necessities. However, due to small leakages and irritation around my stoma, I have finally caved and started using a barrier ring to my less than joyful regimen. I must admit it has helped to stop irritation around the tender skin next to my stoma due to a bit of leakage. As many have said - make sure there is a bit of air in the bag (I am sure there is a joke here but I'll pass) as soon as you place it and baby oil for slip-slidin' away is helpful too. Hope you will be able to ease your issues with some of these ostomate comments.

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I was gonna suggest carrying a straw so a person can blow air into their bag, but I thought someone might actually think I was serious.

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Great idea... getting the end of the bag in my mouth has always been a bit of a downer for me... especially between changes!!!


I have the same issue but my stoma is way below skin level. I've been using a convex wafer with a flat barrier ring along with a protective sheet film, but I'm waiting for samples on a convex barrier ring. My nurse thinks the double convex will help move it along rather than going underneath the wafer.

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Hi mommabear, no I have not done this as I haven't heard of this way, so will be adding it to my shopping list, and will definitely give it a go. Thank you for your input. I use a washer which here in the UK is called a dermacollar, this is to prevent leakage. Yet I believe pancaking is happening as I have adhesions which are making the output thicker.


Just curious, RB. What's the plan to deal with your adhesions?


After I change my pouch (one piece) or after emptying, I put a little odor remover in and then put in a sheet of 3-ply toilet paper folded and rolled like a little cigarette. I push that into the pouch to hopefully make an air pocket. Also, cover your filter unless the pouch is ballooning. Patrick

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Well, nothing quite a laugh, especially when we have our rosebud connected to us. When it behaves, we are best of friends.

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Hi, well I have been putting air in, and touch wood it's been working. Something so simple yet has you more relaxed when not stressing. Oil is also a great idea. I use pearl sachets, which solidifies output, these help with emptying the bag. I rate these A***

Thanks again

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Hi Just Breathe, love the name as well. I am Rosebud because this is the name I gave to my stoma all those years ago.

Don't get me wrong, even now I get so cheesed off with the whole thing, that did change my way of life, especially when it doesn't work properly, and that is due to the adhesions I have in the abdomen, which can twist with my small colon. Making me have a stoma that stops working.

So I drink like a fish... water in the day, and exercising.

I agree, the amount of stuff us ostomates require, I mean if we go away for a couple nights, the 3rd person (Rosebud) requires more things than me.

Is there much help where you are? Sadly, where I live we have 2 stoma nurses to cover 200 miles, it's ridiculous. The guys who help if I am having issues is the company who sorts my monthly prescription out, they are worth their weight in gold.

Is your stoma a permanent fixture? I hope you don't mind me asking.

Chat soon.


To answer your questions, I pretty much stumbled through my recovery. I had to have emergency surgery when we were out of state for the summer in 2020. When I was able to travel, I returned to Florida to a new physician/surgeon. He had a stoma nurse who helped me, but the folks on this website were the most helpful. I have an ileostomy that can be reversed. I was anxiously awaiting my reversal when I had a heart attack and it was delayed. Now that I am back to normal and have learned to live with Seymour (stoma) for almost two years, I now have reconsidered reversal. My fear of the unknown end result, recovery time, my age, and the fact that I am in no pain or distress keep me from pressing go on reversal. There are soooo many "what if's". I'm guessing many would think me crazy for not having the reversal, but I'll soon be 79 - will it be another 2 years of recovery time and from what I've read, the percentage of complete success is not all that great. What would you do?

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Hello. I purchased on Amazon a belt with the hole for a bag to go through. Once the belt is tightened, your abdomen will be pushed down around your appliance and the stoma will pop out and stay out while you have the belt on. It works great for me as my stoma was flush to my skin. No problems since...good luck

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Believe it or stoma Protrudes approx 1/2 in outward. Tried multiple samples, finding the Sensura Mio Convex FLIP to be perfect...if there's any raised area around the stoma the star shaped flange will adhere to the skin perfectly, but first and foremost I use a 2x2 protective Brava Protective sheet. Before I too,had soo much trouble NOW if output trickles under the protective sheet there's very little irriation if any. I too using a bit of oil with Na'scentdeodorizing is The BEST STUFF IVE TRIED FOR THE horrible output.

Hope this helps..blessings, Ginger Lee

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