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Find the cat……


20 seconds to find the cat in the picture..

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Where is ~Jo~? I need help! 🤔😬😂


It’s right there 👆, looking right at you. 


🤣🤣 you and your find the damn cat geez and then add on 20 seconds....

you forget some of us old folk have poor eye sight!!!!

Have mercy.... 😂😂

ps good 1

Reply to Homie With A Stomie NS

😂 I’m old too. The cat is right there by that one log, in plain sight. 😬😁

Reply to AlexT

lol I thought it was on a log by the front of that big red tractor looking thingy 😆 🤣 😂 😵 



Reply to SallyK

To use an Oz expression, "buggered if I know"!

Might be way up the back near the ?wood-chipper (hopefully not!) but that reminded me of an old clip from a totally un-PC Oz comedy show from the 80's, my apologies but had to share!


Can't find it (not even on google cheat!) but here's an easy to find puss in the woodpile!



Here ya go……

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OMG Jo! LOL that is bad. 😂

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🧐 I don't see a cat in the wood pile....

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That doesn't look like a cat...just looks like a brown blob... 🧐

Reply to SallyK

On the top log there's a ginger fluff stretched out having a snooze!

Reply to J🙂

🧐 I need binoculars lol


So I copied the picture Alex, enlarged it about 5 times and found the OTHER animal with two black eyes looking right at me from under the bent, ~4" diam. branch on top of the pile.  Or, maybe it's just another example of me missing what's there and imagining somethin's there that ain't.  It's an old age thing.  

Thanks for the exercise.


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