Despising My Reversed Stoma - Anyone Else?

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Hate my stoma looking full reverse hate it with venom surgery plan soon anybody else feel the same

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Nope. Mine saved my life, so life's good for the most part.

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Same as AlexT. You get used to it, like you get used to your face.


I notice it's easy to hate a stoma when you have options. I'm willing to bet you would probably be dead without that stoma that you hate so much. Glass half full, half empty, just depends on your perspective.


Hi Canham have you looked into irrigation it may save you a lot of headaches of not wearing a pouch.

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Mine also saved my life, but two years on, my mental health is being affected. Not really excepted it in hospital for 3 weeks. Originally, my partner was suffering from Alzheimer's. Lost so much valuable time.

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Why has something that has saved your life affected your mental health? I'd think getting a life-saving thing would open up life's doors to enjoy.

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I regret spending so much time on my health and watching the person I love fade. The feeling of guilt will be with me forever. I can only last 1 more year. If I had no option, then I may accept my storm.

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A person has to take care of themselves first before trying to take care of anyone else too.

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And close other doors

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