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Anybody Missing Their Terminal Ileum? If so, let's chat about Gallstones!


Looking to hear from anyone that had their terminal ileum removed.  If that's you, have you had to deal with gallstones yet?  You will, so I'm just wondering if you've heard of any good ways to prevent bile overconcentration in the gallbladder?  If you don't know what I'm talking's the skinny. 

The digestive bile made by your liver, and concentrated by your gallbladder, is almost entirely recycled (reabsorbed) by the terminal ileum after it's excreted into the small bowel.  It's like 95% recycled.  If your terminal ileum was removed when you got your ostomy, or anytime before, then your liver's bile in the gallbladder will be overly concentrated with Bilirubin (cholesterol) because it's not being diluted by the recycled bile.  That over concentrated Biliruben will start to form crystals, that will form into gallstones.  The normal procedure for the docs is to simply remover the gallbladder to stop the stones from blocking the bile duct, which will cause us incredible pain.  The problem with that simple solution is that removing the gallbladder eliminates the concentrated bile we need to digest fats.  That's what the gallbladder is there for.  So without a gallbladder to secrete that fat bustin' Bilirubin.......our digestion will suffer, and there are a myriad of other side effects that come from not having a gallbladder that the surgeons seem to forget to mention.  So for those of us without a terminal ileum.....having our gallbladder removed should be the LAST thing they do, not the first. 

So I'm wondering if anyone has any good insight on how to avoid this issue......either by diluting the gallbladder's Biliruben....or helping the liver produce more bile without relying on what's normally recycled in the terminal ileum.  If you have........I'm all ears!  Thanks!!



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I'm missing my gallbladder! I had it removed before getting my ostomy. 😧


I have a different take on this. I have read many posts about negative medical experiences, which could happen to anyone, and I am truly sorry this has happened to any of you.

My experiences dealing with many medical specialists over the years have been nothing but positive. I relied on my doctors’ expertise for several operations in the past – one was removing my gallbladder. I have had no issues whatsoever and if I did, I would refer back to my doctor before anything else.

The surgical team saved my life and because of their dedication, I still have a great quality of life – since 2006. This was not without a few ups and downs though. Doctors and other medical personnel train for many years along with ‘inter alia’ internships, surgeries and life practices. No one is ever perfect. In every profession there are a few rotten eggs but for the most part, people enter into careers to do good – not bad. Bodies and conditions are individual and what would apply to me may not apply to you.  The medical profession also deals with a lot of lateral violence.

I could google an issue or pour through medical books, but I would rather get my knowledge directly from my trusted medical team members. If I have an issue, that they are not expert in, I am referred to a specialist. Regarding the internet - sometimes too much information can not only be misleading, it can also be dangerous.  

This site continues to be the source of very valuable information; I am glad I am a member😊 K

Reply to SallyK

Yup....not really a big deal if you have your terminal ileum.  But being short-gutted I can barely maintain my weight now, with a working gallbladder.  Any disruption to my digestion from its removal would not be a good thing.  So for a normal person.......gallbladder removal, while it can have a myriad of complications, can be managed.  In my case........not so much.  If you'd like to learn more about the pitfalls of having your gallbladder you go!



Hi Guys & Girls 😁 ,  of course we should not try to be that " Internet Medic "  without academic medical training or hand's on medical experience ....But !!  we really do learn some amazing techniques , tricks and actual Facts from our Osto Friends on this Site . I take the tips annd info as Road signs pointing me to issues and solutions that I might not think of without the interesting chats we have online . Of course we have to be able to filter the good from the bad  info and use our Common Sense to perform this task . As with anything on the Internet  we must do our own policing on good and bad info . 

   Bob's info is very relevant to my situation and got me thinking about Kitty , the love of my life . Kitty's road to losing her life two years ago on Oct 24th 💚❤.  Kitty had a Gallstone removed  by Keyhole Surgery . This was a disaster from the first cut !!! 

   Pancreatitis was the result of this Botched Keyhole Surgery . The  Doc cut the Duct to extract the Gallstone .  This caused Pancreatitis . Hours after coming home ( after Gallstone ...same day ) my Sweetie was screaming in pain and in total Panic 3 AM .  The rest was a comedy of errors by incompetitent people who had No Clue how to treat this (  Ringers Lactate  prescribed ) .  Long Disaster short ....Kitty got blood clots because of the Pancreas and lost her life to one of those Clots exactly one year later ...almost to the day !! 

    Messing with the Pancreas and Gallbladder can be a true Minefield so do your homework ...yes , Online and just know what you are getting into when dealing with Gallstones . Not suggesting to become an " Internet Doc"  but make yourself aware of the pitfalls of Any procedure . 

   I regularly present Internet info to my Female GP ( Love Her !!!❤)  and we chat about it . Often the info is new to her because I do Not expect my GP to know Everything .  I'm very lucky to have this wonderful Lady to bounce info off and see how she looks at things  with her Medical Professional eyes . She  knows I am thorough in  vetting the information I discuss with her and Never dismisses my questions or  queries on things I have read .

  Some of us are very lucky and our Docs, Surgeons etc  were perfect but many of us have been damaged even further by our Docs and suffered for years because we Totally trusted the competence of the people who treated us . I have my Ileo because of incompetence  ....very long story ...If I had the Internet back then I would be taking a Pill now for Ulcerative Colitis , not shitting in a Bag  !!  Blood pouring out of my Anus did not rate as an emergency for FOUR  different Doctors .  They kept asking me how much I drink !!!  even after I informed them that I rarely drank at all because I spent most nights in the Library at College ...studying Computer Science . My Irish accent seemed to lead them to ...guess what ...Alcohol !!!  One English " Doc"  gave me powdered Gatorade  and told me " You're Fine "  while I was Bleeding Out into my body cavity !!!  

   Keep reading and informing Yourself about Your Cobdition !!! 

  Careful with those Gallstones Bob and also the Pancreas  , could save your life .☘👍  Magoo 

PS : most Docs are just fine , good people  but  we must be aware that they are just people doing a job and that so.e do that job better than others !! ☘  Magoo ☘

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