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Illeostomy- how many times a day do people empty your bag?


I'm curious as to how many times a day people empty your illeostomy bags. 5-6 times a day for me. I know it mostly depends how much is eaten or drank.....

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Like you said it depends on what you eat.Some like me no matter what I've tried have high out put at least 8 to 10 times a day 6 is what  I hear is normal The more water content or fiber in ur food the more u go 🤨


I have an illiostomy and I’m a good eater and I empty about 4 times in 24 hours 

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Wow...lucky dog wish that was the case with me !


All depends on what I eat, or how much I drink, try to eat a few small meals during the day, and attempt to drink 5 big glasses of water or tea, but I don’t like to let my bag get more than 1/2 full… empty 5-6 times during work hours, so prolly 10-12 times in a 24 hour period, becomes habit feeling your bag during the night… don’t like blow outs either!!! Lol


A stoma nurse told me that with an ileostomy it also depends on how long the remaining ileum is. I have had 4 operation, each time the ileum lost a bit more in length. I need to empty (depending on food) about every  2/3 hours. Sometimes I find traces of what I’ve just eaten in the bag half an hour later.


Too many .....


Hi all its 6/7 for me, more in the summer as i drink more water, gatorade, iced tea, pop and so on. 


Around 10 times a day sometimes more I had a lot of my small bowel removed few years ago that makes a big difference before that about 2 to 3 times a day, still better than when I had jejunostomy around 30ish times a day when I had that 


Somewhere from 6-12 times a day depending on diet, coffee etc.. 

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