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Hamburger buns with seeds on them

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

Quick question...hamburger like from burger king or other places that make their hamburgers with seeds on the bun...is that om to eat with a iloestomy bag...will the seeds come out of the stoma or clog it up? 


They come out. I try to avoid them but I forget sometimes. For me, it’s just annoying to see them in the bag and I’ll rinse the bag out with warm water. 

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I can eat them without any problems. Just try them for yourself it's the only way to find out if it's ok for you to eat 


Hi mdls,

  As with most things on here, it depends why you have a bag in the first place. The seeds are non-digestible fiber, so if you're ok with that there shouldn't be any problems.  If you have IBD and have any stricturing, narrowing or Diverticulitis....stay clear of things that come out whole.  Fiber can also irritate the bowel, so if yours is already irritated.....more won't help.  




Try  them but don't  go overboard. I can eat them. I don't  eat them often but had one last week.


I have never had a problem with them.



Hi all i,ve had my ilieo. for 30 some years and seeds have never bothered me but if i was to eat a handful of peanuts now thats a differant story.



I've been eating buns with sesame seeds on them for years.

I've never any problems with the buns,

Good luck. Mike from Lakewood, Ohio


The few seeds on buns will go right through.  It's too many handfuls of cashews that will clog you up.  If you do that go to an ER so they can monitor the passing of so much.  They can always irrigate backwards through your stoma.


Think of corn


I've never really had an issue.  One of my guilty pleasures is a sesame seed bagel with lox and cream cheese.  I eat one almost every day.  No problems.  I've had an ileostomy since 1971.


Should not be a problem but be sure to drink plenty of fluids when eating the hamburger buns. 


No problem with the sesame seeds but ended up in hospital after eating Chinese food. Blockage due to adhesions and scar tissue. In addition to 4 bowel surgeries I also had a c- section.  All of that adds up to more scar tissue and potential for blockages  .


It's okay to eat seeds like those in burger buns but they won't be digested well and you'll see them in your bag. I've tried quite a lot of different fiber-rich food that I've seen come out undigested: corn, leafy vegetables, peanuts, brown / red rice. Annoying but they rinse out well.


I’m ok with most things including most types of nuts but I avoid fresh coconut as I once got completely blocked after eating a lot after I won one at a fair !

corn tends to come out similar to the way it went in


After getting a life threatening blockage I avoid anything raw, seeds, nuts, etc & always substitute for bread without seeds by telling them I have an allergy then they take it seriously & are happy to help. 


 Hi,   My name is Marsha , and I've had my ileostomy for nearly 60 years...   Much like what others have said,   the sesame seeds on a bun or bagel have  never been an issue,    but like all things, digestion can chaange over time...I've allways been able to eat most fiber, like nuts, corn,,, salads,   b ut have avoided raw celery, carrots, and cabbage....     The first year I had an ileostomy ,   I was baking a Jewish pastry  ( hamantashen) for a  holiday... (  Purim)    One of t he  fillings we used was " poppy seeds"..    Hadn' t had a problem with a poppy  seed bagel,   (  which is just a handful),   the the  spoonfull ,  in the pastry did cause a problem..   (  severe pain   & cramps..)     I lived in Brooklyn, and my Dr. was in NYC, and wanted me to  come in,  not go to the hospital.   So my mother and I took the train into the city..   The doctor wanted  me to remove the pouch,   and he then  pressed around on my belly....   Along with a  lot of gas"   guess what" came shooting out of my stoma  like "  pellets"....   You  guessed...  Lot's and lots of poppy seeds,    everywhere!!!   What a mess...    No more poppy seeds for me...     Once at an ostomy conference in NYC,   they ser ved coconut ice cream for dessert....   Hmmm   Not a good idea..  That night, the hotel  dr. had a  lot of calls.  So many people had blockages from the coconut.    I've never had coconut since t hen....      Best advice.....try small  amounts of a questionable food,   chew well, and drink plenty of fluids....   Marsha    


I have a Colostomy and have been afraid of the seeds but most  burger places will but a bottom part of the bun on top if you ask

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