I had my first Keytruda treatment for colon cancer yesterday. I have a colostomy bag and am experiencing mild constipation. I'm not in pain, just want to be sure I manage the situation.

Any advice on what to eat or drink to help me get moving?


I haven't had the pleasure but I'd guess prune or grape juice.


Hi Deb,

I think constipation is the only side effect my Mom DIDN'T have when she was on Keytruda. But constipation is constipation, so the treatment is the same regardless the cause. Increase your fiber, stay hydrated and decrease caffeine. Fruits tend to accomplish the first two. If you Google "Keytruda constipation" you'll get way more info than you want. Hope the treatment works wonders for ya.......I know some folks who were put on it as a last ditch effort........and they're living happy healthy lives going on 6+ years now. When it works!Wishing you the best!



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I'm sorry to hear about the cancer, and I pray that your health improves. Prune juice works well for me. I recommend starting with 1/4 to 1/2 glass. It can work too well in higher quantities. God Bless


Im a big fan of Milk of Magnesia. I have an ileostomy bag and it still works by drawing water into the intestine. I use a full cup (dispensing cup) once a week the night before I change my pouch so in the morning I am relatively empty and changing the bag is so much easier. I also use 1/4 to 1/2 a cup on the other nights to keep my pouch flowing as I have nerve damage and food is always stuck causing pain. *****When I say cup I mean the dose cup that comes with the product ********

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I am using miralax. Doc tells me that is draws water into the colon and is gentle. It seems to work.


I am also having Keytruda treatments. First I had Rectal Cancer, did chemo and radiation, went into remission. Then discovered Metastatic Lung Cancer, then started Keytruda treatments. To w30bob: you said constipation was the only side effect your mom did not have. What side effects did she have? I do not know if I am depressed or if the Keytruda is making me extremely tired. Let me know.

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