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The forum discussion is about a person with an ileostomy seeking advice on how to prevent leaks and skin irritation, manage constipation, and find the right ostomy products and diet.

I am a fairly new person with an illeostomy. I am having some troubles. I hope someone can help. Most biggest problem I have is I have to change the bag daily because it leaks around seal and burns my skin. Otherwise my skin looks great. These are to expensive to have to change daily. Also I have to watch everything I eat. In my opinion way too much but I have to go with it or pay the price. So I get constipated and have to use 4-6 stool softeners daily regardless and I use liquid magnesium many times they day and night. I sometimes have to drink Diet Coke in night if I'm severely constipated. Any tips anybody? Please I need help

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When I was "trained" in the hospital on how to apply a pouch, I was told to cut the hole a slightly bit larger than my stoma. This turned out to be some bad advice after my own on the job training and comments from this website. I found if I fit the bag ever-so-close to my stoma (almost squeeze it in) it eliminated the raw skin around my stoma. In addition, I have started using "slim" barrier rings around bag opening. Together these have totally eliminated the redness and discomfort I once suffered. Hoping this might help.


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Do you use a barrier ring? When you change your bag and clean your skin off, are you letting it dry thoroughly before applying a new bag? Since you're new, are you measuring your stoma regularly, they will change size as it heals? If you're constipated, I'm presuming you're dealing with pancaking which can easily cause leaks. Are you lubricating the inside of your bag and leaving some air in it so your output falls to the bottom of the bag? Are you pumping enough fluids into your body? Have you tried other brands of appliances, what you're using may not be best for you?


Howdy and welcome...I am an ileostomy mate 7 months...

At 1st I was like u at the beginning but with great advice from my ostomy nurse has me changing at day 7 instead of daily...they recommend no longer than 7 days could probably do 8 or 9...I currently use coloplast procedure is...make sure complete area including flange area is clean and dry,barrier wipe protection making sure it is dry before applying ring and products are a light convex drainable bag #16733 with a barrier ring #12037 27_57mm the ring was the saver no burning around stoma or leaks to the skin get it all around close to edges of stoma then apply bag cutting stoma hole just big enough for stoma...any gaps with bag hole or rings allows waste to leak causing burning or irration...For extra safety after bag is on I use a strips of tape around the whole flange areas to secure it to my body just in case and for my peace of mind. I use paper medical tape as I can shower daily and it does not come off I simple dry then use hairdryer few minutes to dry bag and tape, many use whatever tape they have on hand,then I go bag free for shower and change day on Sundays and repeat same process...

2nd...I have adventured out with the food suggestions found I can do just about any foods prior to surgery as long as I chew chew chew and chew some more drink plenty of water I also drink at least 2 coffee in the am and enjoy at least a soda per day it keeps me loose all day more emptying but not constipated etc... the secret is chew so pieces are small enough to pass..

I hope this makes sense and helps if all else the tape will give you extra security and making sure the hole in ur bag is only or closest to ur stoma base...

Please feel free to contact me if I can help or ya need a friend tmhaworth at gmail dot com

Stay strong you got this

your homie with a stomie


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And you can purchase them already cut,so you have to maybe check your measurements of your stoma,your stoma nurse can get your measurements, the measurements are also on your order sheet they give you when they release you from the hospital as well,then you order your bags and barrier to your measurements. Hope this helps, Oh do you use the shape barrier rings around your barrier to keep output from burning your skin around your stoma,this stops the very acidity poo from scalding your skin,as it is very dangerous for your skin to be healthy, you need these rings to go around the hole,in the base that you apply your bag to. Stay healthy!!


Hi he is ,

I have an ileo too .I don't know if you know or if anyone has told you With an Ileostomy we don't get constipated the way you would with a large intestine. We get blockages or thicker output which makes it move slower and we have to thin it out. Apple juice works great , hot tea , making sure you drinking plenty of fluids as well.. I am not sure why you are taking laxatives with an ileo.. I am not judging or trying to sound rude . Just trying to help you out since your new and I don't know if you know we aren't supposed to take laxatives with an Ileostomy, colostomys can.


Hi He,

Looks like you've already gotten a lot of good advice. So I'll be short and sweet. First, find an ostomy nurse to work with and get your ostomy hardware correct. Then get with an IBD Dietician, not just any Dietician, and get the diet correct. With that you'll be just fine. If you don't know how to find those people........just shout and we'll walk you thru it.

Welcome to the club. Unfortunately.

Hang in there, you'll be all right!You're just experiencing the 'learning curve'.


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