Seeking remote work opportunities, any tips/leads appreciated!


Does anyone have any leads for jobs working from home? Since having my colon removed was split into 2 surgeries and the ups/downs of recovery, it's become clear to me that I'll need to stick to remote work for at least a year. I'm having trouble finding something that isn't MLM/cold sales. I'm pretty open at this point as long as it's remote. I have an M.A. in Intercultural Leadership Studies, but I've found most jobs that would work with my degree are often in person and in cities which don't match up with where I'm at in my life right now. Any tips/leads are appreciated!



LinkedIn is probably a good resource.

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Have you tried companies like Mutual of Omaha? My stepdaughter got a work-from-home job with them.
Good luck!



A job with an international consultancy would be right for you. Dubai is truly an international city. Many American and British expats reside there. I would suggest trying there for a job you can do remotely.
Best wishes

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Hi! Do you have any idea of where I could start with a company in Dubai/similar?

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Try InterNations Dubai, a community of Americans living in Dubai. They will have all the answers for you. Membership is free.

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Thank you!


I worked in MLM before for leading telecommunication conglomerates before for a few years, turned out to be a great salesperson. It's a great career. Once between jobs many years ago worked selling Ninja products, was not a famous company then, it was supposed to pay 28 dollars about for top salespeople including commissions as an average; I ended up making 45 an hour. I did not have a problem finding a job anywhere due to my newly discovered skills. Point is that it is not difficult to find work if you highly perform but must be at a locality. I tried doing outbound calling, as what you do, and totally sucked at it. I am inbound monster.

It is difficult to do outbound as what you do, very tricky and takes enormous skill to pull it off, congrats on that. What I found out is how difficult it is to fill sales positions; everyone thinks they can do it, hence the super high turnover in that industry. Practically impossible to find that kind of talent inbound and outbound but much more difficult is outbound, nerve-wracking lol. You should be in high demand and are in high demand but need to research first the top companies that do this, then approach them.

President Obama spoke with the CEO of Manpower weekly, religiously—Manpower being the largest human resource company in the world, offices in every country—because Obama knew if anyone could read the pulse of the job industry, it was him, crucial to his reelection. He was invited to many events in the White House. Once he asked him in one of these dinners what job was the worst and most difficult to fill, Obama said 'the jobs that make you lose sleep every night' what are they? He responded that there was only one that worried him constantly; which job was he talking about? You got it, Sales! He explained to him the enormous difficulty he had globally finding good talent in this industry, and the huge turnover in the industry, again, everyone thinks they can do it, till they do it.

The advice you got about Dubai is really a great option.

I work now for a high-tech company doing technical related from home. Insurance sales will hire you on the spot, the top companies have, as all sales jobs, high turnover, like Manpower CEO said, a headache to find talent there. A great career is AllState; almost opened an office, not expensive and you set your own hours but the insurance industry is very demanding of your time; it's all about relationships that you build over time.

Be careful with the scams online; Europeans can be scammers also. Let me know about Dubai, sounds very interesting.

Good luck and happy new year!


I've heard airline customer services reps work remotely. I recently booked a cruise and the Viking rep was telling me he was working remotely. Hope this helps.

Best of health,

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Thank you!


May need some upgrading but a friend marks exams for college students remotely.


Most remote jobs I know of are sales-related as it's using the phone. For example, I'm an 18-year-old realtor and life insurance broker in several states, including yours in Ohio. However, I'm in CA and buy warm leads from people who've sent their info for a quote and work in different time zones from east to west to fit my schedule.

I've heard there's data entry, coding jobs, or anything graphic design-related. If you find something, please share, or I suppose we could all become influencers.

Hope your recovery goes well.

Enjoy your week.


I know Cigna International has work-at-home positions. Not sure if there would be a fit.

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Do you know how your friend got started doing this?

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