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I have an ileostomy and drink about 76 oz of mostly electrolyte liquid a day. But I also have an overactive bladder so I have frequent urination (and urgency), about every 1 1/2 - 2 hours and perhaps twice a night. My urologist is suggesting Botox or Intersim but drinking 76 oz of fluid a day perhaps my urination frequency (neglecting urgency) is normal. I was wondering what 'normal' is for everyone else.

I have no idea what "normal" urination is for drinking that much. I know if I drink any decent amount of liquid all at once, going every 1 1/2-2hrs is pretty common.

I have an ileostomy as well and drink 90 to 100 oz of water.( per my kidney specialist)..We run the risk of dehydration very easily. I wasn't drinking what I thought was enough which was about 64oz a day and made my kidneys shut down because with the ileostomy it takes fuild out if your body. I go about once every 3 hrs or so.

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Not being a trained medical person, the amateur doctor in me says prostate problems. Might be worth investigating.

Hi Lenny,I have an ileostomy and drink lots of water and liquids throughout the day. I have never actually been diagnosed with overactive bladder, but I've always peed a lot, and this has increased since getting my ostomy and drinking so much liquid. I also go every 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and even a couple of times during the night. Is this normal?Don't really know, but with the amount I drink, it doesn't really surprise me.


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Perhaps I'm normal. Who knew! I'll have to talk to my urologist and rethink the Botox and Interstim procedures as to whether I need them or not. Thanks for your replies.

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