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Abdominal Spasms


Has anyone had instances where they've been doing something (working out, cough) where all of a sudden you have a severe muscle spasm in you abdominals. I hae recently had occurrences where I was doing something and had such sharp pain in my abs that it dropped me to my knees. The muscles beneath are knotted and rock hard... If I wait it recedes and the muscles relax. I don't think it's a hernia since there doesn't appear to be an protrusion. This also seems to coincide when my colostomy has low to no output. Thoughts? 

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Pretty sure you can have a hernia and not visibly see it. I've had a few times if I cough and I'm in a certain position, usually sitting, there's pain. If you have low/no output for a day or two, that can cause abdominal pain because it's backing up inside you. I've had it happen twice, a partial blockage, and it's very painful, especially bending. The pain would end if I laid down. As soon as it broke free and I had a lot of output, no more pain. 

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well people have often said I'm full of Sh!t... so


I have not had anything like this, but I do occasionally get some pain in my abdomen, that I have come to know is gas, and it eventually works its way out.  The kind of pain you describe, that drops you to your knees, doesn't sound normal.  Do you have an ostomy nurse you could talk to? I haven't had a hernia, but from what I'm told, they usually aren't painful until they get really bad and if the hernia was that advanced, you would definitely know about it!



I have not experienced that but then again maybe I partake in different extracurricular activities. {smile emoji}{wonder emoji}{wink emoji}


Hi Wil i get that occasionally when i know i,m about to sneeze and tense up and hold my ostomy, not as severe as to bring me to my knees but a stabbing pain that doesnt last very long.

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