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Ostomy Memories of Staying Hydrated


IF ONLY THEY’D TOLD ME.  Nobody thought to tell me, when I had my ostomy surgery back in 1964, that staying hydrated was important.  In fact, hydrated wasn’t even what they called it back then.  It was just “drinking water.”  Anyway, over the next few decades, my kidney function took a battering.  Now, of course, I have a nephrologist monitoring my diminished kidney function, and I’ve stabilized, but at a much reduced function.  So I drink four 23.7 oz bottles of water per day now, and that seems to keep me going although, every once in a while, I end up in a hospital getting an IV boost due to dehydration.  I have a Culligan water filtration system built in under my kitchen sink to make sure that what I’m drinking from the Florida Aquifer is nicely filtered (trust your municipal government at your own peril).  My two hard-and-fast rules for leaving the house are (1) pee before you leave, and (2) bring your water bottle.  Also, be thankful that button flies went out of style a long time ago.  

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Not even taking into account an ostomy, it amazes me how much fluid intake it takes a person to be actually hydrated. I’ll be the first to admit that before my ostomy, I was, more than likely, dehydrated 95% of my life. Now, I still struggle with staying hydrated and have to force myself to drink fluids continually, especially when it’s this cold outside. 


I don't drink enough fluids daily. I work retail and so I can't be always putting up my "Back in 10 mins" sign. Lol

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Your employer won't let you keep a bottle of water handy for sipping?

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LOL she is mean.

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You ever see the building Sally works in?  

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Eat your hydration! Theory by Dana Cohen, MD. A fiber rich green smoothie/day. She wrote a book about it. Bananas, tomatoes, avocados all rich in potassium, magnesium. We r electric - we need electrolytes. 

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