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Dec 17th I flew to calgary to get to Palm Springs. Going through security they pulled me over. I showed them the ileostomy card. They looked at mr like I robbed a bank. Pasted me down,lifted up my shit and tested my hands. Then in my carry-on they took out my stoma powder.

I get to calgary go through security. Same dam thing.

Going home from Palm SpringsI forgot my card, which didn't help before any ways. Yes the same thing. Do they not think it's embarrassing. I sure am not in a hurry to travel again


Sorry that happened to you. I haven't had any trouble like that so far.


That's ridiculous that they lifted your shirt when all they needed from you was for you to pat your abdominal area with your hands and then they would scan your hands. Sorry you had to go through that.

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I'd ask them if they'd like me to open it and put the contents on the table for inspection.


Sorry to hear that, hope it didn't ruin your holiday.

There doing the same at a some UK airports too, whether someone has an ileostomy or not it's so wrong to pull someone's top up unless taken to a private room everyone should be treated with respect.

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Where you been flying to lately?


You probably came across inexperienced security folks. They know what it is, and the card explains it anyway. I don't have any problems leaving from here and even in New York and London went through quietly, even though the passport I carry is not the most popular around and can lead to extra scrutiny. Don't let this experience put you off travelling. It probably won't happen again. A Happy New Year to you.


A letter / email to your MP is in order. Suggest you carry the travel docs from UOA and the US Ostomy Association. Shouldn't happen but unfortunately there are a lot of new poorly trained agents.


That totally sucks, and I'm sorry you went through it. It seems unacceptable to me that these agents have not been trained in how to deal with 'special' people like us. I agree that speaking to your MP is a good idea, and how about lodging a complaint with Canadian Air Transport Security Authority?I'm not sure I would have handled it with grace, and Alex's suggestion is a good one!



I find airport security so appallingly irritating that it soured me on travel.  Fortunately, I'm now retired and don't wish to go anywhere anyway.


By chance were you over your 3oz allotment of liquid?

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Hi all about ten years ago we went to alaska to visit our daughter and on the way home at anchorage airport the tsa saw my supplies in my carry on bag and had me step aside to wait for an agent to test me for residue and had to wait in a side room well as it turns out my wife was waiting outside of the room and watched 2 agents arguing about who was to come in the room to swab my hands after i was told to rub on my pouch and was told to wait for the results but our name was being called boarding the flight so off we ran and didnt wait for the results.


I don't think what happened to you is right or even within the parameters of what Borders Services can do. Perhaps you could contact your local MP and check. This seems to fall under an invasive body search.


Before I enter security at the airport. I will go to the restroom so I enter with a empty pouch. I've had Security Pat me down nearly every time. They normally test my hands. This last time I flew they didn't.


I was very nervous about exactly this when I took my first flight after the operation, wearing a bag and a level 2 support band. Dublin - Frankfurt was no problem at all. The guy at the scanner just waved a wand and waved me through. On the way back, though, in Frankfurt I was taken aside very politely by the security checker who had done the pat-down, and walked down to a sort of tent in the security area. I noticed that an armed policewoman with her gun holstered but unstrapped stood "casually" by the entrance while the same security person asked me to remove my T-shirt. The tent surroundings made it all quite discreet. He did a purely visual inspection of the stoma bag and then said everything was fine. What impressed me was he looked a bit embarrassed,apologised, and offered me a handshake. I took it and said "Kein problem". All very civilised! Since then I have been to Germany a couple of times, France, and Estonia and have never had to remove anything or explain myself. There's quite a few of us about - I'd say the security people know what's what by now.

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