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Brava protective sheets


Has anyone tried Brava protective sheets?  I seem to be having allergic reaction to the adhesive.  I know they can be used under the wafer to protect the skin.  Do I need to complete cover area under the wafer.  I don't even know where to begin but have tried crusting, barrier sprays etc.  Anyone have any experience using the sheets?

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Hello tee

Have you tried cavilion spray on your skin first?  And do you use a seal between your skin and your appliance ? And do you use a convex appliance ?

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Axl,  I have been using the Cavillon spray for a couple months.  I use it over stoma powder and by itself on areas that don't need crusting.  I just can't seem to clear up the skin breakouts.  I also use a barrier ring.  Painful burning and itching is driving me crazy at times.  Willing to try anything but that's the only thing I know of I haven't tried.  I use the sensurs mio bags.  


Axl,  I have been using the Cavillon spray for a couple months.  I use it over stoma powder and by itself on areas that don't need crusting.  I just can't seem to clear up the skin breakouts.  I also use a barrier ring.  Painful burning and itching is driving me crazy at times.  Willing to try anything but that's the only thing I know of I haven't tried.  I use the sensurs mio bags.  


Do you shower without your bag on? 

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You don't say if you use a convex appliance, everyone has trouble in the beginning until they get the setup that works for them so you are not alone. When I have had trouble I only use the cavilion spray, less is more and just hit the whole area , don't be concerned about getting it on the stoma itself and make sure it is dry, don't try to pin point the trouble spots. A seal and convex appliance with a elastic belt. This is what worked for me when I had trouble. Some have also used a piece of micropore tape straight over the damaged skin then apply the appliance as normal straight over the tape, the appliance will stick to the tape while the tape will give the skin a chance to heal. My setup these days is seal, convex appliance and belt.

Good luck



Have you always had an allergic reaction to your wafer ? 


Try nasal spray?


Hello from Pennsylvania!

I find that if /when my skin is healthy and not irritated it is best for me to use no products, just put wafer directly on my skin. But I always use adhesive remover when changing the bag to prevent skin irritation. 

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Alex, rarely shower w bag on, if I do I tape a bag around it to keep it dry.  

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👍 IMO, it’s really good for your stoma skin area to get cleaned off well and some fresh air on it. 

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Axl, I have wondered if I need a slight convex appliance.  My stoma isnt very big, protrudes only about 3/4 inch or bit more.  Since my stoma is close enough to my belly button my skin creases right toward it when i sit or bend which is my weak area.  I will talk to my supplier and get some samples to try that will help.  Id like to try the tape, wonder if that's similar to the brava protective sheets.  Thanks again.

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I didn't the first few weeks but it has been ongoing for a couple months.  Hoping to try the protective sheets under it.  It may partially be fungal in the areas away from my stoma as it is more speckled.  I have tried antifungal powder, not much success.  Someone suggested using dandruff shampoo as it contains zinc.  I'll see next bag change if that helped.  Thanks

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House sitting my grandpups but def going to try my flonase when I get home.

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I have heard less is more, now just to get this cleared up will enable me to do that. Thanks

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I put Head/Shoulders on every time I shower without a bag on after washing everything off with Dial soap. Let the H/S sit on there for maybe 30 seconds and rinse well. I very rarely get skin irritation. 


I was having trouble with the same issues. Called Hollister and they sent me samples of convex bags and thin barrier rings. Also because my stoma is so close to my navel it needed additional build up. I get the Eakin cohesive part 839001 four inch rings and cut approximately one half inch around outside of the ring and cut that into four parts...each part is like a crescent. I put on my 2" ring around my stoma and then on the side that sloped towards my navel add a crescent piece from 4" ring beside 2" ring...then put on my bag (I'm using one piece convex drain able ones now) and add a Hollister Adapt barrier extender on the navel side. I was staying raw and bleeding and itching it was horrible...but this set up fixed it...bag kept leaking because it couldn't sit level because of closeness to navel. I also cut the remaining circle left from the four inch ring in half to get two more crescents. When stoma area was really raw I cleaned it, dried it, sprayed it with Flonase, gently patted excess off, let it air as long as I dared, sprinkled it with adapt stoma powder, blew off excess with air from empty powder bottle and then reinstalled bag like I described above. Using this system I don't have to wear a belt. Only had to use Flonase a few times....once I stopped the leakage from happening I no longer burned and bled and itched....hope this will help took me a while to figure it out but now it's like night and day as far as comfort. Makes it easier to live with the alien until reversal ...Celia1552

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I would definately try the convex bag they place a little more pressure against your skin, and get the elastic belt to go with it. Micropore is the paper tape you see in hospital for fastening tubes etc, very common, should find it in your local pharmacy

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This is so helpful.  I spoke to my supplier and they recommended calling to get samples so will def ask about a cinves bag.  I use a small barrier ring but ill try the larger and apply like you said.  The fact that my normal crease when I bend is from my belly button right to bottom of stoma is what seems to be causing the issues.  The bag us fine first day but after bending it loosens and leaks under everything.  Thank you so much.  So glad I found this site, everyone has been so helpful.  You guys rock!

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Thanks Axl il going to call for sample of convex bag to see if it solves my problems.  Appreciate all your help!


What type of wafers do you use? I had to switch to Coloplast because I had a hard time with the adhesive. I have used the sheets. Yes just put them on under the wafer. The powders havent worked sprays are ok. You may need to try another brand. 

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I am using the coloplast sensura mio.  I am STILL waiting for samples and my rx order with the protective sheets.  I also having an issue with leaking at bottom of my stoma because they WRONGLY put my stoma directly above, almost on my natural waist bend.  It is a weak area that dips right to my belly button which is barely a quarter inch higher and barely over an inch away for it.  I have tried building up the area to make a flatter area for my wafer but nothing works.  Always the next day stool is seeping out the bottom onto my skin.  Now waiting in a convex sample to try that.  So frustrated with the stoma irritating from the leaks and the outer area all speckled rash and itching.  Overwhelmed for sure.

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Do you have an ostomy nurse? If so, they should have some samples. 


Alwx that's a whole other nightmare.  Last time I went they didn't have my size bag even.  They had a kids bag and one that was huge and basically overed most of my abdomen. Good thing I had an extra kn me.  They don't help at all.  Basically change my bag and send me home w more leaks than when I do it myself.  When I was broken out they said they don't crust or do anything like that.  Just told me to try different things but never gave me anything but a barrier ring.  Which I already had.  It's sad here in N.E. TN.  Might be better in my home state of NY but this is where I'm at now.  

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That’s too bad. What size is your stoma?


It's oval about 33mm x 35mm

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Well dang, I have 4 boxes of convex bags I don’t use but the opening is too big for you. 


Alex that's for the thought I really appreciate it! 

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what does the nasal spray do?  That's new to me :)

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It’s a steroid type spray that can help heal skin. 

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