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A good tip is if you are using a drainable bag, when you open a new box of 10 seal them all right away. I know some people have forgot to seal the bag when putting it on and its a very messy way to find out. Also when I empty my bag I also pour about half a cup of water inside and swish it around to clean it and then let it go. The best container to use to pour the water in is the little cup you get to fill your steam iron, it as a nice spout to direct the water into the bag. Have a great New Year. IGGIE

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What do you mean by “seal them right away”?  Seal what?  I’m a little confused! 


What do you mean by “seal them right away”?  Seal what?  I’m a little confused!  

Are you using a 2 piece appliance or 1 piece??


Simple, if its a drainable Bag you have to close the end or it will pour out. So seal or close which ever word you prefer the bottom of the bag, but do them all so you don't forget. One piece or two piece, if it's drainable you have to close the bottom.


Good advice for newbies and experienced ostomates to do the closure up on bags, even after over 30 years I still forget at times always seems to happen when I'm staying at a hotel!  


I always seal the bags ahead of time and because the little Velcro like grippers can get rubbed loose and let bag leak thru bottom as you wear them, I fold that part back and tuck it under the stretchy fabric backing...I use Hollister products...This works for me and also covers the whole entry point which can be stiff and scratchy.  Celia1552

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OHHHH Now I understand!!!!

THANKS for the clarification.

I call it "close the tail".  Funny for 31 years the very last thing I do is close the tail with the tail clip/clamp.  I have thrown out the tail clip/clamp several times, but easily retrieved from the trash.  I know when I forget to attach the tail clip/clamp when I go to tuck the drainable end into the waist of my underwear and something is wrong.


We can laugh about this now. But we did forget to close my husband's bag because there was a lot going on when we changed the bag. When he noticed output on his leg. Took us awhile to even notice that was the problem. That is an excellent idea to close them all when you get them.


 Such a  " funny post"....   I have m y ileostomy for almost 60    years,   way before there were  disposable  pouches..   " Permanent ones, were made of Rubber, and we  used rubber bands to close the  " tail".    I started using convatec disposable pouches when they became available...( don't remember when )   and they come with 2  clasps per box..   They made of a  hard plastic/ rubber substance, and feel more secure with t hem, than the newer velcro closures..   Find that difficult to fold  and secure...   Just didn't feel " safe"..    I have never " forgotten" to close t he  to t  he best of my memory,  I've never had  one break.    But I agree,  that one  " could" forget to close the tail,  so it's a safe option..   I probably have about 100 ( or more) unused clips..  They seem to last forever..    One anyone who  ( sleeps alone) / & sometimes tries to skip a trip the the bathroom .   There are times I wake up, and the pouch is filled with air  ( but little output)   so half asleep, I let o ut the  air......  Whoops.   A few times I foun d myself " covered with " poo", because in my sleepy state, I didn't put t he clip back on...    It's so worth a trip to the  bathroom, and not having to change the bed linens/  & do the w ash, in the middle of t he night...   BTW.....  "Hydrogen Peroxide/  &  Dawn dish detergent solution, get's  "  poo stainS  "    out of t he carpet...    Googled that, and found that solution for parents whose baby like to pull off their filled diapers...    I hope someone is smiling...   Have a  great day...   Marsh

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