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Is there such a thing as ostomy glue/adhesive?


Hello everyone ☃️

I think this has been asked in the past but I am not finding the post that has the answer. 🤔

I need some sort of glue or extra adhesive to use under my wafer/flange (people use different names for this). Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks 🌻

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If you can find it…..

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Thanks Alex. I did find it. 🤩


Barrier ring isn’t holding good enough? 

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No. I have wafers/flanges that have an expiration date soon. They can't be returned. And I won't throw them out. So I figured with extra stick I could use them.


Awesome.. thank you asking this question Sally I was wondering myself ..and thank Alex T 

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Hello AlexT.

I think you will find that Hollister have stopped production of this product.

After much searching I have found a product called 'Probond' which does the job as well if not better than the 7730.  Probond is primarily made for use with prosthetics, but I figure that if it works for stoma stuff then maybe our bags etc ought to be classified as prosthetics.

Best wishes 

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Thanks bill for the update 

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Yeah, I knew they stopped making it but it can still be found at some places. 


Why not tape? These adhesives might not be good for the skin. I import epoxy adhesives in drums from the US and package them in different sized tubes here. You have to be careful with them. Can irritate skin. Maybe someone can tell if tape is better or adhesive.


I have seen these adhesive double sided disc that goes under the wafer's by torbot and I think another company


That medical adhesive is the bomb. Do you use the barrier strips, I find they help.

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I might try those.  Thanks

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If you do please let us know how goes 


Try stoma paste lightly?.


Coloplast Extra Wide Brava Tape Extenders that are half moon shaped & go over your flange wafer & encase them wider!!

Big game changer & rarely get a blowout or leaker since using them!!

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Hello Bowsprit.

You are right about being careful with this sort of stuff as a number of people are allergic to certain adhesives. 

I used to use double sided carpet tape, which was not entirely satisfactory, then I ordered some 2.5inch double sided tape from Korea called SOOKWANG. This I cut to shape and stick onto my baseplates. Because of the length of the roll, it works out pretty cheap to use and it does stick reasonably well to both the baseplate and the skin. However, because it is fiddly to cut I use this as a first layer which acts as a base for the Probond adhesive (which is much easier to apply). This way, when it comes to removing the layers of sticky (about once in two months), the double sided tape makes it relatively easy.

These things are about trial and error experimentation and, because we all react differently, I'm sorry to say that we each need to do our own experimenting to find our best solutions.

Best wishes



Coloplast Barrier strips are excellent..they do not come off until you start to pull off and keep the seal around the bag dry too.

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That sounds good. Those Coloplast strips mentioned here work well too. Like you've said everyone has to experiment and see what works best for them.
Best wishes.

This is being advertised as a replacement for the discontinued Hollister Medical Adhesive.

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Thanks so much 🌻


Sally, I have used the Hollister Adapt barrier ring for 10 years now and they work great. 

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Sounds great. But I thought the ring was only around the stoma. I was looking for something to cover the whole underside of the wafer/flange. 🙂🌻


There are dozens available. I use Torbot Skin-Tac.

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I could be wrong but I think under Medicare they are grouped under prosthetics, I also have an insulin pump which is grouped as a prosthetic but the cartridge and inset isn't. Maybe just a way for them to not have to cover the cost but I could be wrong.

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