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Spray adhesive remover


How many cans do you use per month? How many does your insurance cover?

I received my first one month supply of product and got 1 can. That just doesn't seem like enough. 

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1 can lasts me around 30 bag changes, you only need to spray a small amount at top of wafer and as you pull the adhesive remover runs down loosening the rest of the wafer.  


Thru my insurance, I can either get remover wipes or remover spray, not both on 1 order unless I wanna pay the difference. So, I get a couple cans of spray thru insurance and then switch to a couple boxes of wipes. 1 can will last me probably 3 months of changes. It doesn’t take much and you gotta let it have time to do the work. 1 box of 50 wipes lasts me probably 3 months too. 


I find the wipes to be the cheaper way to go.  You can easily use more spray than you need, and it seems to get used up pretty fast.



I find the wipes are a better / more economical way to go. Best, Bryce


Hi there,

Each insurance company is different on how much they will cover for a find out everything your insurance covers and how much of each, each month call your distributor and ask them, they will be able to tell you. unfortunately you won't get any answers with insurance companies they have no clue of what an ostomy even is . 

As far as the spray goes I love it. That bag just pops right off. I used to use wipes I went through 2-3 in one bag change.. 


Hi Killshot, I've found that one tin lasts me for about 30 bags the same as Ben, even so you have to be steady with the spray button and let the magic happen, 'frugal' is the way forward on this one. As unbelievable as it may sound I have a brother in law who has had his Stoma now for thirty years and swears he has never used adhesive remover yet, he says he just pulls the bag off. Now I have tried this on just a couple of occasions and my opinion on such an act of self inflicted pain as this is quite simple... I would much rather screw a solid metal plate on the wall where I enter the house and forcibly head butt the bloody thing every time I walk in  the door. By the way I'm not yet planning on doing that either.!! 



One should last you a month but I felt the same, it didn’t seem like enough. I did use wipes as well. I used the spray to get it off my skin initially then the wipes for any residue left on my skin. With my insurance I was able to get wipes and spray the same month… can’t remember all the details if they let me get 2 of each when I got the wipes as well? Once I met my deductible it didn’t matter as much. My WOC nurses were great about giving me samples as well. 


hi. i have got short of spray in the past and have gone to different suppliers and got samples also gone on e-bay uk and bought sprays off there to supplement my national health supplies. before covid we had a local ostomy group attended by suppliers pushing their products which was also good for a number of free sprays unfortunately now discontinued since start of covid.

harvest where you can osta...mates. patrick


Something that just occurred to me that might be helpful.  The little packets of wipes have a lot of liquid in them.  When you open them, the first thing you should do is use the liquid inside to start the process of loosening the adhesive, then take the little wipe out.  They go a lot further that way.


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I do that with the wipes I use to get the last little bit off, pour it on the area and just give the area a light rub. 


I generally change everything every other day and I use the spray adhesive remover every time. One bottle usually lasts me 2 months and my insurance covers one per month. 


I'm an adhesive wipes user and prefer a two piece system. There are more wipes than I need in my monthly shipments. The two piece systems work best with my slim build and extreme twisting, turning, and bending. I had no success at all with the one piece options. I figure that's due to my scarring from a mucocutaneous wound that developed early in my recovery. It seems one piece systems require a very flush surface for secure adhesion.

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I think that’s awful! Here in England we can Oder as many as we like& it’s FREE!! I could never manage on one tin😩


1 can last me around 2 months, I used wipes but the spray works better at getting the adhesive off the hair that grow right at the base of my stoma. I usually don't have to use much spray at all when removing the wafer, mostly just use it to remove adhesive off the stupid hair.

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I use the wipes, but they don’t always seem to work very well; maybe it’s the manufacturer I’m buying. I’ve had a lot of problems getting the bags to come off. Sometimes it’s like the bag has been super glued on. Twice I’ve torn my skin trying to get it to release. Switching to a can this week to see if it helps since I see people using them on YouTube with no problems. I use a ton of wipes, but there have lasted a long time. I get 50 in a box. I’ll keep you posted as I just ordered a box and a can.

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