Ileostomy Underwear??


Good morning folks, very new and looking for suggestions on mens everyday ileostomy underwear...I need high waisted as my stoma is just above my belly button...many thanks


Underwear ... What's that

Seriously though if you wish to have the bag secured from flapping around people often use an elastic maternity wrap type of thing they are sometimes called, think boob tube ... No need to pull your reg grundies up around your armpits ..


Did you wear your underwear like that before your ostomy? I just wear a wrap from Ostomysecrets, or a Stealth Belt, or just let it swing freely.

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Hi Robbo,

If you Google 'underwear for ostomates' and click 'images' you'll see a variety of what's available. You can also look in the ostomate's dressing guide here

It has a section on 'undergarments' that has what I think you're describing.


Reply to Axl

Reg Grundies!LOL!

Thanks Axl, you just made my morning with that comment (being one of the handful of us on here that will get that reference)!

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I think it's easier for girls than guys to find decent knickers to cover the whole shebang (I'm a Bridget Jones' granny knickers fan from well before the ostomy), but I've always worn stretchy/fitted singlets/tank tops and they cover up everything well with no unsightly bulges (bag or otherwise) regardless of what undies I may/or may not be wearing!


Where's Simon Cowell when you need him!

Salts high waisted boxer shorts support wear or Comfizz or CUI

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