Opinions on the Stealth Belt?

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Yes, I was just wondering if anyone has used a Stealth Belt? I was wondering if it was worth the money. It's kinda pricey.


I like mine, I have the vertical one. Try the code winterflash22 to save some money. Expires on the 25th.

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Yes! Loved mine.. especially working in the yard or swimming. Good luck.


I have a vertical and horizontal one. Love them and wear one all the time!!!


I have a horizontal pro. I use it when planning to be active. I can adjust how tight and how much support it provides. I also have a vertical comfort belt for just leisure time. I really like them and would definitely recommend them. No more weight of the bag pulling on your belly.

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Thanks for the code. I hate the pulling down from the weight of my urine especially if I'm working in the yard and get too busy. I'll forget to stop and empty. I had bladder cancer so they removed my bladder and colon cancer at the same time.

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You're welcome.

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Just ordered mine. Thanks again for the code. Saved me 30. Hooray!!

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Good for you.


Checked them out a few years ago, but couldn't justify the cost for such a simple thing. So bought a yard of neoprene from my local fabric store, dragged out the sewing machine....and made my own. I don't wear them much.......not even sure where they are, to be honest, as I'm high output and frequent emptying proved too much work while wearing it. But it is a nice product that fills a niche! Hope it works well for you!



I much prefer the underwear from Ostomysecrets. I use the full coverage ones. I find them much easier to use and less bulky than my Stealthbelt. You can also rig something up with a pair of bikini underwear, with more "granny panties" on top. The bag goes inside the granny panties, on top of the bikini. It really holds the weight of the output and also allows easy access to empty the bag.


I've been wearing Stealth Belts 24/7 for at least 6 or 7 years. It keeps my bag from flopping around, but the best thing about it for me is that I now rarely have leaks because the belt keeps the bag securely against my body. I wear a vertical pull-on belt.

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The Stealth Belt didn't work for me. I tried the Pro, the vertical, and the slip-on, and all three were uncomfortable and rolled up and/or down. So I returned them, and was refunded, which is good, because they were incredibly pricey.

I found ostomy underwear on Etsy and at OstomySecrets.com that work much better for me...plus I also just wear my regular underwear and tuck the pouch inside. That and my jeans/leggings/workout pants keep everything secure.


Hi! I have 6 of them, horizontally slip on with mufflers and will fit Hollister, Coloplast, and Convatec. I just love wearing them because they are comfortable and discreet. They put them on sale at times, and I think now, they have a 20% discount. Yes, it does cost a good amount, but I feel it is a great product and very worth it. One belt could last 10 years. Mike


I got in touch with another mom via Baseball Moms to ask what I needed to have at home after my first surgery because I had no one to tell me anything. She was going to let me borrow her stealth belt to see if I liked it, especially for swimming, but I had lost too much during the time I would've used it. But she said she loved hers.

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I have the vertical version, being high output some days I figured it would be easier to empty. Does anybody have experience wearing one playing softball or sand volleyball? I hope I will still be able to participate. My belt feels kind of bulky and I ordered it too soon after I got out of the hospital and gained weight back. I will probably try a few wraps out to see if they feel better on me, my stoma is around 1 1/2 to 2 inches above the belly button and I think that's also a reason why the Stealth Belt isn't so comfortable for me.

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I like the vertical because it's easier to empty and doesn't seem to get full as fast. But, for activities I prefer the horizontal because the bag isn't flopping around.

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That is a great idea that I would have never thought of! I live in Florida, and many support products are so hot that I can't bear wearing them. Your idea may work well for me. Thank you!

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