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My employer let me go because they are a food processor and were concerned about contamination. Now I can't afford my rent and utilities. Other than my gofundme acct,does anyone know of assistance programs that are available. I'm in desperate need of help before I'm homeless. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Get a lawyer and sue your old employer!!! 
contamination?  Your butt hole is covered in a plastic bag, unlike everyone else’s! 
How is that contamination?


Like cplumber said. We are covered under the disability law act and that was discrimination.

in the meantime I would file for unemployment..


Hello Gizmo1.

I agree with Beth22 in that this sounds like discrimination.
Your employer's reasons for letting you go are completely erroneous and should be challenged with the utmost vigour. 
I have recently changed my employment and am presently employed as a catering assistant in a busy kitchen, where I not only prepare meals but serve them up as well.

My present employers are well aware of my stoma and it was not an issue. They just wanted me to pass level's 1-2 in food hygiene. 
Best wishes



This is discrimination. Get a lawyer ASAP and sue their a*s !!!!!!!


Like others have said, this is outrageous!  You don't need to stand for this.  I don't know about in the U.S., but we have a government body here that is concerned with employment standards and fairness in the workplace.  There should be someone you can contact to rectify this.  This is blatantly unjust termination. Good luck!



Hi Giz,

  Dude........I'd set up a GoFundMe page to handle the legal fees.......I'll contribute!  And then like everyone else has said......sue their friggin' assess off, and then change the name of YOUR new business to Gizmo's Food Processing Inc. What assholes.




Yes get a civil rights lawyer with experience in these type of cases..try legal aid in your county court house or library in your area too..I know many lawyers want a aid can help you find a low cost or pro bona.

Keep asking people your area for advise or help..your employer did a crappy thing and it is illegal! Good luck..set up a go fund me so we can help $$.


Southwest Missouri Volunteer Attorney Project (SWMVAP)
(417) 782-1650
302 S. Joplin
Joplin, MO 64801


Also I learned the hard way never tell your employer you have a is nobody's business how and when you poop and long as you get your work done. 😃 

Reply to w30bob

Dude, I can see my asshole- left abdomen- and you have just offended it by putting it in league with his former employer 😂😂😂... 🤣

Reply to Cplumber

EXACTLY ! ! ! 


section 508 of the federal disabilities act should cover you, i’m not 100% sure but it would fall under discrimination of a medical issue outside of your control. just so you know it’s a civil wright given to you by the US constitution.

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