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In my experience, my stoma is never the same at each barrier change, size can differ so I only cut the opening just before use and hope I didn't get it too large, so don't get an acid burn.

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Hi Bob,

  I just had my stoma revised, and so far it's staying exactly the same size.......knock on wood.  The mess of a stoma I had before was a different story, but now that I have a proper 'rosebud' it's behaving well.  Speaking of previous stoma was flush to my skin, for the most part, and no rosebud........just a real mess of skin.  So I never actually saw my intestine sticking out, just the very tip of the opening.  The other morning I was changing my barrier on my new stoma.......and it started moving!  I was like WTF???  Then I realized I was seeing my own peristalsis for the first time.  Very interesting.  



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She is awesome. I follow her on tiktok (basically all I look at on there is ostomy related posts) and YouTube as well. 

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