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Raw Skin - Update

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It seems like a really good product, but so far I've only tried the flange extenders.


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I am looking forward to trying the pouches when they get them in.  They are a lot cheaper than the Hollister ones I've been using, even coming from the U.K.  Fingers crossed!


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Yes, I noticed that it came off easily, with no residue.


Barrier rings also come in paste strips not paste from a tube that's a whole different product and not one I'd recommend for raw skin.

Barrier strips are used to call deformities or fill in gaps it's best if you can make everything as level and flat as possible to apply your wafer.  Think of it as putting sparkle over a bunch of pebbles to make a flat walkway.  The layering technique with the powder and the skin barrier have to be done in multiple layers we usually recommend about 10 until it looks like a sugar donut.  Once I have a premium membership I can message you because photographs would be helpful Tell me again where you live and let me see what the resources are to send a WOCN to you.

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Hi Osto,  Thanks for your response.  My skin has completely healed and I'm back to my normal routine, which is just applying my pouch, without any need for barrier strips, rings or what have you.  My peristomal skin is flat and I don't have leaks, so have never needed them.  The tiny little areas of rawness I occasionally get right at the base of my stoma, is just from me not cutting the flange perfectly, and I've always corrected it easily by applying a couple of layers of stoma powder/barrier wipe, and it's cleared up by the time of my next change.  Now that I have discovered the Salts flange extenders, very thin, infused with aloe, if I ever have a skin issue like this last one, I will use a small piece of it again, as it worked beautifully to heal my skin.  My problem was that I had let it get too bad before I contacted my ostomy nurse.  I am now prepared and won't make that mistake again.  I do have an excellent ostomy nurse.  Thanks again.


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I'm having lots of problems with sore skin.  Could you tell me what are salts please

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Salts is a company located in the U.K., so you should have easy access to their products.  I've only tried the flange extenders so far, but I'm waiting for samples of their pouches too.  I've been really impressed with the aloe infused product, and the pouches and barrier rings also have it.  Look them up and request samples.  Good luck!


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