Late-Night Red Velvet Cake Mishap


Note to self...if you sneak that piece of red velvet cake and then go to sleep and then wake up to empty "The Alien's" outfit at 2 am, it's going to look like someone gutted a deer in there! Mind racing, half-asleep. Oh crap! What made it even worse was just being hospitalized a couple of weeks ago with a blockage....When I said sneak a piece of cake, I meant it. I can't have wheat, corn, milk, dyes, sooo many food reactions....but every now and then I fall off the wagon and eat real food! And this was real cake! And worth the price I paid! But real red dye is like a Halloween scene as it exits! Next time I fall off the wagon...and I will...I will put a sticky note on the wall in the bathroom in advance so my heart doesn't stop momentarily! Back to my gluten-free, milk-free, taste-free diet! But man, it was sooo good!


Try a different kind of cake next time.

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Love that you acknowledge there will be a next time.



Celia, I'm laughing at your "Halloween" description but, at the same time, gasping because I've been there in some capacity with my own alien rebelling at 2 a.m.. Sorry about your limitations but, oh, that must have been delicious and worth it. I agree with Sally - maybe a nice white cake with vanilla frosting next time?!


Who knew red food coloring could be so vibrant? The worst part was it took me a while to realize what it was... I was really panicked there for about ten minutes... Do I go to the hospital? Drive myself? Then I remembered the old cleaning remedy for blood stains... peroxide! If it's blood, it will fizz! Fumble with q-tip, get a sample... while thinking oh my poor little Alien what have I done to you... drop peroxide on sample... no fizz... do it again... ok I'm not bleeding to death... go to kitchen to get a drink... see cake plate in sink... lightbulb in brain comes on! I'm two years into this new normal and I'm still learning! They say God has a sense of humor, sometimes I think I was born just for His personal amusement... as He nudges St. Peter and says "Oh my! What is she into now?" Placing bets as to whether I'll fix it with duct tape or super glue... lol... I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone else who might encounter the power of red food color! Seriously will use a post-it note next time! And there will be a next time!

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Seems like chocolate cake should be your friend.

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Yes! Plain old chocolate cake exists without an alarming color parade!

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Peroxide mixed with blood will fizz... I never knew that. Thank you!

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One of my friends became a nurse back in the days of white dress uniforms with white stockings and white shoes and white nurse's cap with markings for rank! She was a pro at blood removal! She's the source of that gem!


Hi Celia, you gave me a good chuckle. I love beets, and have gotten used to seeing blood red output in my pouch, but the first time? I was convinced I must be bleeding internally, and was in a panic for a few minutes!


Rose Bud 🌹

Red Gatorade will do the same thing. It freaked me out the first time until I realized what was going on!

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Thank you for sharing! I'm glad I'm not the only one to freak out over the color red! I can't believe I made it two full years without an incident like this!

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I eat beets a lot! They have never excited this vivid! The bakery must have used double dye!


I remember the first time that happened to me. I've had my ileostomy since I was 17, and I am now 67. It scared the hell outta me. Now, that I know, I stay away from foods with red dye most of the time, but that red velvet cake will sometimes get the best of me.

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Beets do the same!

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Ostomy CSI!!


I feel your pain except my craving was a hot dog with mustard, ketchup, and a ton of sauerkraut. It was so delicious and I paid the price, UC flare up, stomach ache, heartburn. But it was worth it and I survived and will do it again. So much enjoyment. Best, Arlen

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Ooooh, I'm a super glue, duct tape gal myself. Can fix most anything!!!

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LOL... perfect.


Same with red Powerade drink. I almost went to the hospital but then realized it could be the Powerade and waited it out. Sure enough, it was back to normal the next day so no more red for me.

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