First Blockage: Orange Mishap and Unwelcome Consequences


Hey everyone! Just wanting to express my first block! It all happened last Tuesday when I was at work. Stupid me ate an orange for morning tea! Everything seemed to be fine until I was changing my bag and having a shower. As what happens every time I shower, of course, it "shits". But that night it hurt. It was bulging, and nothing was coming out. I called my husband into the bathroom, and he could see what was happening. He was going to take me to the hospital, but we called my hospital to see if there was anyone on call for me to be able to talk with. They didn't have anyone, but he spoke to the clinical nurse for my surgeon's ward. She advised to see how it goes throughout the night, but if I start to get a fever or vomit, to come in ASAP! I had no sleep at all as I was in a lot of pain. It released nothing throughout the night! I didn't go to work that day, but Kieran got home from work early and took me to the hospital. I was admitted straight away and was on a ward by 3pm! By this point in time, I was on morphine, and my surgeon's team came to see me. But when they got there, it was slowly working. I made sure I had a clear bag on for them. They kept me overnight to monitor it. So, you guessed it again, didn't go to work Thursday. I ended up getting a phone call advising me that I wasn't welcome back because I was unfit for it! Just fucking rude as they know why I haven't worked for 2 years! Anyways, now all this has happened, I've managed to tear my scar tissue in my stomach. So, I've now been advised to contact Centrelink and try to get something from them as I'm unfit for work, as I still have more operations to go! If anyone else has anything to share, I'm open! Thanks everyone! Brooke xxx


Oh dear wookie --- so sorry to hear about the blockage -- they sure aren't fun. Have had one and that alone has made me so careful about what I eat.

It saddens and maddens me to realize there are jobs/bosses around that treat people like that. Why are we so cruel to each other?

Hopefully, someone from your neck of the woods will know what you can do insurance-wise (unemployment insurance) or maybe you can challenge the dismissal if you want to?

You've been through so much; try and keep strong.

Hugs from Beatrice
p.s. if you love oranges, the canned mandarin ones go down really good

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Wookie, legally they can't sack you unless you are casual. If you are not casual, then they can't sack you for being sick, provided you have a certificate to cover you. And when you get back, they are required to give you three written warnings before they can sack you, unless you do something that is majorly wrong. As for Centrelink, if you're going to go on them, get your hospital to make an appointment with their Centrelink counselor. Otherwise, you'll be waiting about 2 months before Centrelink will pay you, unless you have papers saying you have been sacked from your job. Then you can go onto the dole straight away and then transfer to sickness benefits. The best thing with Centrelink is to hassle them non-stop. Go in there every day. If they say it's still being processed, just get them to go through your paperwork again. They can rush it through faster when they want to get an annoying person out of their queue. You have to be completely self-centered when it comes to Centrelink. Work out what they should be giving you and don't back down until you have it.


I don't know about your social services there, so I can only comment on the orange.

Don't eat oranges in sections because the membranes are very blocking. Instead, I slice an orange into thin slices (leave the peel on) - then cut the slice into half-moons to eat them. This breaks up the membranes very well. This goes for any citrus fruit except (for me) tangerines.

Or, as Bea has said, eat canned mandarins that have the membranes removed.

Also, avoid fresh raw pineapple - you'll be glad to never have that horrible blockage.

Good luck with your job difficulties. Sounds like they are being jerks.


I've had a few blockages in the 32 years I've had my ostomy and, like your former employers, they do suck. I can't advise you on the job situation, but a surgeon once recommended to me to drink mineral oil if I had a blockage. It sort of makes everything slide out. I've also used a baby enema right through the stoma but I'm kind of nervous doing that and I would check with my doctors first before you try that.

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Thanks everyone for your replies! As for work, I was only doing temp work for 6 months with going full time in the new year! They bloody knew why I've been out of work! But for now, it's Centrelink. As for them, I'm already on their Newstart Allowance with a Centrelink medical certificate stating why I can't work! Also trying to get my husband a Carer's Allowance too! Okay, as for fruit, yes, I do love my oranges! Mandarins aren't that bad, had heaps of them! But definitely going to stay away from fresh pineapple! I'm happy though, summer is almost here, all my summer fruits, yum, and even cherries! Loving it! I'll be back online hopefully tomorrow, have a read from everyone else! Is there anything to stay clear of? Thanks for letting me vent, everyone! XXXXXXX


Hey Wookey, I had a blockage. I only had like half a bar of something, but yeah, omfg, the pain. I waited until the next morning. P.S. Shouldn't have, but did... Couldn't vomit, couldn't do anything. I also left BHP in Melbourne. They also knew my situation, a-holes. I don't want to upset myself, but yeah, I went on a disability pension aged 33. I had the best GP. I had to go to a government doctor. I had lots of scarring and my second pouch. I do volunteer work and love it, but get those red-taped no-hopers off their arses. They said I didn't have a form, but I went into Centrelink with everything so I didn't have to go back. But I did have no bloody money. I said I filled out every form, then he got off his bum, went upstairs, KAPOW, found it. So yeah, hassle them. Oh, yes, I had pineapples and yes, had blockages, but I kind of got through it okay. I have eaten them again on pizza and no probs. Dunno why, but I kind of feel I get blockages from eating air. Good luck. Oh, if you have any superannuation, you can get the lot. I got every red cent. Got solicitors. They help people with UC and Crohn's. Check it out. Only thing I need to get super back in to retire. Bloody hell. Cheer, Mare.


OMG!!! That's bullshit for you too. Exp from BHP, you would think they would have better understanding! But guess not! I have handed in my paperwork with Centrelink and my partner has put his in for Careers Allowance. Got a meeting with them on Wednesday. They're calling it a job capacity assignment, basically to make sure I'm not bullshitting, etc! So I've got a doctor's appointment on Tuesday again so I can get the proper medical certificate for them. I was also told to take in as much paperwork to back my claim up! Okay, enough about that! I have eaten pineapple from a pizza but not fresh yet. I don't think I want to! Dare say my hospital should just keep a room on my ward all summer! LOL. Had my first mango for the season. Yum! I also have eaten a lot of corn over the weekend and grateful I didn't experience another block! I do not wish any of this upon anyone! For some of us, it's given us a second chance at life! I'm like that. I was becoming deeply depressed, needed to get air, felt like I was drowning. Now I have that chance for a second life. I'm doing what I think is right! Sorry about the capital letters! Using my phone! XXX

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