Concerns about hernia and ileostomy reversal - any potential issues?


I certainly would like to know too, if there will be any problems after a hernia and ileostomy reversal. I'm scheduled for that on April 7th and needless to say, with a scheduled operation, I'm a little apprehensive.

My stoma seems to be growing every day and it seems that I need to cut the hole bigger on my flange so that I don't pinch it. I, lol of course, thought that the stoma was to get smaller in time....but then....that's me! It seems if all will go wrong, it will go wrong with me.

The doctor told me that he would repair the hernia first and then reverse the ileostomy and that I should only be in the hospital about 5 - 7 days. So, I guess I'm looking at more downtime again.


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I hope you will keep us informed on your progress. I decided against a voluntary reversal. Everything is working well and not a problem. But the time may come when I need to know about your outcome. Thanks for posting.

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Well, the surgeon I have is the best in his field and I guess he's had no problems with reversals. He did say that he would repair the hernia beforehand which, if this damn thing doesn't quit growing on me.......I'll be in the hospital forever.

I am just hoping like a lot of people here stated after they had a reversal...had to go back in again and have it undone. As far as I'm concerned.....once it's reversed...come hell or high water, it will stay that way. I don't think that I could outlive any more surgeries on my poor body.

I'll get a hose measured out and I won't venture too far from my front door!! LOL


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I had a successful colostomy reversal for 15 years, but the radiation finally caught up with me and I had to have a permanent colostomy done 2 months ago. Wishing you all the best and keep us informed on your progress! Xxx TL


I want to first say congratulations on the reversal! I have had a hernia repaired and to tell you the truth, we are all experts on abdominal pain and dear, I assure you the recovery process is painful. As for the reversal, keep us posted on how it goes. I will say many prayers for you that everything is successful and you heal soon. You are very brave and lucky as I am not even eligible for an attempt on a reversal. I thank God that you are! I am happy for you!


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Hi there, just thought I would tell you my tale of woe. Had my ileostomy in Sept. 09 after an abscess with my colon surgery. Had it reversed in Jan. 2010 -- so it has been a year. My cancer was so close to the end that they removed most of my rectum and 18" of colon. I have been pretty well housebound since then and I am now thinking of a colostomy so I can at least get out. I do not get diarrhea but I am in the bathroom, sometimes 12 times a day and when I have to go, it is now! Not in 5 minutes. Because I am not a great healer, they want me to wait another 6 months and then decide if I want the ostomy.
If I plan to go out or travel, I do not eat for a day. I recently went to Hawaii for a week so didn't eat the days I traveled and really stayed close to the hotel most of the time. Imodium does help as well but then things go the other way and with no muscle power, it isn't great. They do have a lot of outside toilets at the beaches and they are kept very clean. So far, I haven't figured out what triggers everything. Sometimes one thing is fine and the next day it isn't.
I was so happy to have the reversal and now I second guess it. I am very pleased the cancer is gone--will have another colonoscopy in Oct. and if anything is there, then it can all come out.

I have recently talked to several ostomates and most manage pretty well.

Hi, I don't know if things are different for colostomies, but my friend had a reversal and all has gone well. She is very happy and had no problems at all. Just thought you might like to hear a success story. Hope all goes well.


I've had my colostomy for 8 years now, and it hasn't really bothered me at all. I can eat anything and go anywhere. I don't have problems with the adhesive, and I usually get about 7-8 on the flange.
I can count on one hand how many blowouts I've had since my surgery. I did have one more surgery to repair a hernia, so I pay particular attention to lifting and pulling.
Cheers, Bob

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