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Today starts a new year, And I enter this year with hope as I did all the years before this. I hope that with a new year comes a new understanding within myself. I am a loner and at times it is very hard to be alone, being alone brings loneliness and I still long for the companionship of a good friend . As for myself I have known true love she was with me for what seemed like only seconds and then she was gone. She was the love of my life in body, heart, mind and soul. Although in the end I drove her away I know that I have felt what most never get the chance to feel in there life and for me that is enough. So living with a ostomy is easy because I endured living with a broken heart. Over the last couple years I have slowly learned she is never coming back and understanding that healed me and although I will never stop loving her I now know we could never be again. So now I seek to understand and find acceptance and that has to start inside myself. I am the person who in a former life I would have never accepted for a partner or maybe for even a friend. So becoming an ostomate has taught me many things that I would have never learned before. There is a Beautiful Lady on here who is unashamed of her ostomy . She wears a bikini at a crowded pool with no thoughts of if other will accept her. I am nowheres near that strong but hope to be someday. Until then I will continue to be a loner but she will be my hope, my inspiration of a new year to come.

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I wonder what year Jan 03 was written.
It looks like it was written in 2010. Life does go on.

Oh I see the date now. 8 years later, hoping Roland is doing much better. It gets easier because we have no choice. Time takes care of a lot of it. Best to you Roland.Thanks Reb1862, you are an interesting person.
Thank you thesurething. I've been blessed. I would love to correspond with you if I may

Let's do
Thank you for accepting my invitation to chat. You seem to have some of the same interest that I do, especially in music. If you looked at my YouTube channel you saw that I'm kind of a history nut. For me it started at the age of five, and I still do it today. I have two grown daughters, and four grandchildren. I am course I'm still single, and I still am in Ostomy boy. Honestly it change my life to have one, and I thank God every day that he still grants me good health. I have Crohn's disease, but have not had a flareup in years. So I guess I've been lucky. So now that I've talked about me, if you'd like to say something about yourself please do I am very interested in knowing you. Thank you very much and I hope you have a great evening. Be well, Robert

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