Surviving Colon Cancer: My Journey from Pain to Gratitude

Hello to my fellow ostomates, I guess it's time to write my story today. I've been putting it off because I didn't think I had it that bad. So here goes.
I had always been a one dump a week guy since I can remember. Then years ago, I mentioned it to my doc and she blew up. Gave me a screaming butt chewing. Soon, I started taking some powder daily and was actually down to a daily log and it was nice. I was getting some reading in for a change. I retired from the navy about that time and was settled into my cushy welding job here in San Diego. I was getting my colonoscopy every year as it's free for me and not that bad. As long as my doc had slender fingers. (I've had a woman doc for years). So January 08, I got my regular check and feel fine. But in July, I go a week without a dump. So I go see my doc and she's on vacation, so I see her referral and she assures me it's nothing to worry about, maybe I changed my eating habits. I tell her I've always eaten like a cockroach. But she says it might be diverticulitis and we should do some workups. So two weeks go by. I get a CAT scan and MRI, I drink several gallons of contrast (cappuccino and strawberry) but they can't find anything. I stopped eating and went to liquids. Three weeks now without a movement. I didn't have any pain and no sensation to go.
But the next day (the 22nd day), I woke up early and wondered why my head was down at my feet. I looked like a hinge, and I was in PAIN!!!!!!!!!!
I was vaguely aware that I might have colon cancer, as I had been on the computer looking up such things. The PAIN was there for 2 minutes then gone for 3 minutes. I sat there most of the day fading in and out of consciousness. I was calling my 3 daughters but they didn't answer and I wasn't getting voicemail. My phone was dying and I couldn't find the charger. I got a hold of my aunt in L.A. and told her what I was going to do. She told me to call 911 but I panicked and didn't. Now my phone was dead and then I went into shock. Somehow I had driven my Mustang to Balboa Naval Hospital 15 miles away and arrived at the E.R. It was 1700 at night. But when I walked in, every kid in San Diego was there with a sniffle. I checked in and told them what I felt and they said, "Well, we will get to you eventually." I sat on the kiddie table and moaned in pain. I know how women feel in childbirth, I'm quite certain it was the same pain, sooooo
At 2300, 11:00 pm, I woke up on a gurney. Apparently, I fell through the table. I told the nurses what was going on.
Now it's a little foggy. They found a tumor the size of a lemon inside my arse. And put me in a coma that night for the pain. They woke me up 2 days later on the way to surgery. From what my daughter told me months later, the surgery was 16 hours. After the first 6 hours, I was written off as a loss and they nearly stopped. But my heart was pumping away and my lungs kept working fine. So they kept on working. My daughter kept a very thorough diary of my next 32 days in a coma. In my next blog, I'll get more in-depth on it.
The long and short of it is I'm alive, I feel great, I do more than before, I like my bag, I'm glad it happened. In my life, I have to have bad before I learn. It works for me. Thanks for your time.
Bikerboy Greg

Hi Bikerboy and many thanks for your good wishes and prayers! Glad you have had some good health news for a change!
Take care
Rach xx

Thanks for the prayers!

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Cheers, Judah

Hey there, Bikerboy! Do you know how to get to Pennsylvania?

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I'm still stumbling.

Thanks for sharing... I am glad you are doing well now and I agree, the bag is just fine and I feel better than I have in a long time.

I'm really happy to hear you're doing so well and that you shared your story, bikerboy. I have two bags, so I know how you feel, and it's amazing just to be alive. We're still here, so we may as well live life to the fullest, right? :-) I'm happy you made it through.

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