Dealing with Anal Fissures: Seeking Advice and Tips


Ok, so I've recently had my ileostomy reversed and, as expected, I was on the toilet hundreds of times a day. The problem was nothing was mentioned to me about anal fissures, and after over a week of constantly wiping my rear with standard issue hospital sandpaper toilet paper, my anus got very dried out. I'm guessing that is what contributed to me getting a fissure. I managed to get some Rectogesic ointment from the hospital before I was discharged to help it heal, but over the last few days, it has just gotten much more sore and inflamed. Last night, the pain scale went off the chart. I have experienced many different kinds of pain from my different visits in the hospital, etc., but I can say that last night on the toilet really took the biscuit. Who would think that what is effectively just a paper cut on your asshole would be sooooo excruciatingly painful? It doesn't happen very often, but I was reduced to tears because it was that bad. The Rectogesic ointment can only be applied every 12 hours, and to be honest, I find it doesn't have an overly amazing effect. Today, I went to see my GP to get something else to help, but I was only given some piles steroid cream to use as well for the time in between my 12-hour Rectogesic applications.

I was wondering what experiences people have had with fissures before and any good handy tips on how to help it heal as quickly and painlessly as possible. I've read that salt baths help, so I shall be having a damn good soak later, but any other tips would be very, very greatly appreciated. Thanks =)


Hi Steve - I haven't quite had the same issue - mine was fistula rather than fissure, but with similar results!

I found that the best stuff on the market, which you can use anytime is Sudocrem - babies nappy barrier cream .... not sure where you are exactly, but it can be bought on eBay if all else fails!

Good luck - I know just how sore it can get .... Making my eyes water thinking about it again!

Rach xxx

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I am clueless with meds, but I have used Lidocaine to relieve some external abrasions in sensitive areas. Your doc should not play games with you but should give you effective relief for pain. No excuse there. Good luck!


Thanks for the replies, guys. I have found that it seems to be the acidity of the stool that is giving me the majority of the pain when I go to the toilet. As soon as I've finished, I've started wiping the fissure with a baby wipe to try and clean and neutralize the area before applying the creams. I'm in the UK and Sudocream is available, so I'll definitely be buying some and giving it a try.

I'd had a quick snoop on the net and found that Lidocaine was one of the options for pain relief, but it seems to be only as effective/less effective than the Rectogesic ointment I'm already using, so unless I could use both, I'm not sure how it would fit in.

Luckily, since my op 2 and a half weeks ago, the amount of times I go to the toilet each day has greatly declined. At first, I was going up to 20 times a day, and now it is around 8, I think. It seems to be that fissures can take weeks to heal though, so it looks like I'm just going to have to get creamed up as much as possible and try and grin and bear the pain =(


You could also try:
T.N. Dickinson Personal Cleansing Pads
These extra-soft pads are saturated with all-natural witch hazel and Aloe Vera, two of nature's most powerful healing botanicals, to cool and soothe inflamed tissues. This formula also forms a temporary protective coating to reduce dryness and itching. Gentle enough to be used as often as desired for symptomatic relief of hemorrhoidal discomfort, as well as to freshen and cleanse delicate skin. Especially refreshing during menstrual periods or following childbirth. Relieves hemorrhoidal itch and burning. Soothes vaginal irritation. Hypoallergenic and dye-free. Delicate care for delicate skin.
You can find them at Walmart as well, for about $7.
There are other brands as well, just enter in Google: Personal Cleansing Pads.

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I can't help, but here's a UK site you might get some advice on products available in the UK.


They sound great but I've had a quick look on eBay and there's nothing like that available via it here in the UK. But I will ask around in local healthcare shops for something similar. The faster it heals, the better. Average healing time is one to a couple of weeks but I don't think I can bear the pain much longer.


In Amazon UK: field-keywords=T.N. Dickinson Personal Cleansing Pads x=12 y=19


Another thought - ask Doc for Instillagel - usually used for ladies gynae problems but it is an anesthetic type thing you could squirt on the area before you 'go' ...?
Rach xx

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If you have got anal fissure then you should visit Zhongba Hospital. They are very good at treating anal fissure.

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