My bags are sound and they are tough.

They hold the grime and slime.

Although I sometimes treat them rough

They stand the test of time

I used to have no bags at all.

‘Gawd’ - what an awful mess.

‘Flipping’ faeces in free-fall.

To cause me much distress.

Rarely could I walk or hike.

It made me feel so old.

I used the saddle on my bike.

My anal plugs to hold.

I would ride right into loos.

And never dare alight.

Lest my anal plug burst loose.

As well I knew it might.

Then there was officialdom

That might get in my way.

I found it all so troublesome.

There’s never time to wait. (& explain)

I had ‘disabled’ documents.

To help explain the ‘why’.

But they could never circumvent.

The time that rushes by.

Now ‘MY BAGS’ get filled with stuff

I pass from dusk ‘till dawn.

They always start out good enough

But soon they seem so worn.

No more worry, hurry, scurry.

To find facilities.

‘My bags’ will handle all that slurry.

With few calamities.

I do appreciate my bags.

Those are supporting me.

To live a life without the snags.

And help me to feel free.

B. Withers 2011


Loved it, Bill!

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Hey, Bill - stay the hell out of my pants!!! You were obviously there when I wasn't looking. :-D Thanks for the smile.

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Never used a butt plug, my friend was lucky and didn't know it. Thank goodness for repair of our ends which allows us to poop and not show it!!! To think of what surely could have been, I'll honor you and try to be stoic. Thanks buddy....BEG

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My poem above didn't come out as I wrote it and it won't let me edit, so let me try it again... Never used a butt plug, my friend... was lucky and didn't know it. Thank goodness for repair of our ends... which allows us to poop and not show it! To think of what surely could have been... I'll honor you and try to be stoic. Thanks, Buddy... BEG

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Loved it too! Very clever, Bill! BEG... I think you can only edit in the forum and not the blog.

Hello all you good people - glad you enjoyed the verse.Lalu - I'm not sure my wife would appreciate my being in your pants, even if you didn't know it! Anyway, I'd like yuou to know how much your comments are appreciated and I am particularly grateful for those that inadvertentyly stimulate me to write some more verses. The one called 'walk a mile in my pants'is obviously down to you Lalu.BEG - I do appreciate the verse and the effort that goes inot trying to write it directly onto these blogs. I gave up trying and now use 'Word' then copy/paste. That's why they don't come out in a very good layout.
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You are so right Dandare...nothing like learning the hard way, duh? I'll be extra careful from now on. Where's spellcheck when ya need it? Also, I think I'll leave the poetry to Bill, my talent (or lack thereof) speaks for itself, LOL. Have a great rest of the day, BEG

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No, great poetry begins, but I think it's hard to beat Bill! Your post on not quitting was excellent though. Please keep them coming.....they make my day! Thank you!! :-)

BEG - please, please don't give up on the poetry.(see 'don't quit')The true 'talent' does not necessarily lay in the way the words are arranged but in the sentiments they portray.When you wrote those words back to 'me' - I felt humbled, honoured and chuffed. That's the nature and beauty of personalised conversations.Best wishesBill
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Ahhhhh.... Thank you, Bill

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