Finally Off Painkillers and Feeling Amazing!


Ok, so tomorrow will be the first proper time in about a year that I have been on no painkillers, and no antibiotics and no Fentanyl patch. Needless to say I'm a little anxious, but I've been feeling amazing recently and the sooner I'm off painkillers, the sooner I'll be able to get my life back to normal (going to college without feeling drowsy and going out clubbing on the weekends and being able to drink alcohol!!)

I know I only wrote a blog the other day but I think this is quite a milestone in regards to my recovery and finally getting some normality back into my life! Plus I like to keep all the ostomates on here updated on how I'm doing, and you don't HAVE to read my blogs! I know I tend to ramble on about pointless things and it probably gets quite boring to read about my life over and over but I just feel really happy at the moment that things finally seem to be getting better after a rubbish 14 months!!

Other than getting off all the medication and having no pain recently, another reason I'm so happy right now is thanks to this site! I usually get messaged by people every week or every fortnight and I'm usually quite cautious as to who I reply to because with it all being online you know you have to be careful, and as I'm quite a young girl I'm always wary. But a few months ago I was messaged by one of the few people similar age to me who had been through a similar experience. Little did I know that this person would turn out to be pretty awesome. I don't usually add people on Facebook because it's so personal but after I did I was glad I had done it. Recently we both got Skype and I talk to him basically all day everyday even though he's all the way in America! It's amazing really to think that we had almost the same thing wrong and we totally get each other even if we are miles apart. I also love the fact how everything seems different in America to over here in England!! It's crazy when I think I came on here to make friends and share experiences, and I ended up meeting the most perfect person I could probably think of. I know he'll probably read this, but I wanted to say that he's made me so happy after all the crap I've dealt with recently I honestly thought I would be depressed, but thanks to this amazing guy I'm feeling happier than I have in a long time. He really doesn't know how amazing he's been, and even though I've told him, I know he won't really get it because I can't even explain it properly!

Right now life couldn't be better and it is thanks to feeling amazing, getting my life back, and having amazing people around me. Right now he couldn't make me happier if he tried (well unless he came to the UK :)) and I've got my bag to thank for all this goodness and meeting the best person ever.


It's so great. I went from seeing you sick with the pouch.. to missing you at surgery... then to speaking all day. You're just perfect. The chances of us talking were probably 1%. And now I'm 100% glad that you're the one person I talk to every day. I will see you soon. I love you and I'm glad having this dumb bag has brought us together. Dang it. 3 Really though.

Really? Haha :) I love it. I love how you understand everything and you're not a total weirdo. I love how I talk to you all day, everyday, and never get bored. I love you and I'm glad that even though I'm stuck with the bag it's not so bad because you totally get me :)

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Aw, how lovely. Bringing a tear to my eye ;-) I love you all as well :-)

Well, it's like what that guy said about being stuck with a bag lady. It's better. We understand each other like no one else could.) Plus, it's even better that you turned out to be amazing.

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And you're amazing. You too Gizmo!

Having the right person in your life at the right time can make all the difference. Happy for you both.

Oh, how lovely! Really pleased for you both xx

Go you good young things, that's awesome news! Speaking from experience, make sure your visa/passport situations are in order. The US Department of Immigration can prevent a happy outcome to international romance, believe me! But I can see a good thing here and it's great you have Skype (that sh*t rocks, hey!). Best wishes to you both xox

Hello Franicaa,It's not often I comment on your posts but I do read them and enjoy them very much. I just coul;d not resist adding my very best wishes alongside all those others that have wished you well from this website. Best wishes Bill

I'm so happy for you both. That is really a beautiful story!

What a way to cheer up everyone on here. I'm delighted for you both. My favourite song right now is by Elbow...One Day! For the past few days, I've been singing it to myself...especially as we're getting an 'Indian Summer' over here. Check it out on YouTube Franicaa and you too Dendrail. Bet it'll ring a bell as to how you both feel right now. Best of luck to you both! Colm

Hey you two, this is what it's all about - meeting and falling in love with someone who knows what you're on about and having the same in common. It's just great knowing two people have been brought together on this site. I feel so warm and happy for you both. There is light at the end of the tunnel. My best wishes to you both. Take care, Ambies.

I didn't realize your hillbilly friend was an ostomate too, Fran. You both crack me up with your comments on Facebook :D

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