Dodged an operation, considering reversal!


So I haven't been on for ages and ages and ages!! Had a bit of bother with another blockage, ended up in hospital for a week fasting and on the drip. Then they said I would need an op, I was ready for anything at that stage though because my stomach was bloated and the pain was unbearable. Anyhoo, the morning of the op came and they were fitting me with a brand new ileostomy on the other side of my belly, so the nurse arrived with the red permanent marker at hand!!!! As she was about to draw on my belly where to put the stoma, didn't my freakin' bag start going HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! It was an actual miracle, the surgeon was in shock so the op was cancelled and the nurse handed me the marker and told me to use it for bingo because there was definitely luck in it ha

So as I was really happy dodging the op, I started to think about the reversal and it was due to the fact it was 2 more ops that kept putting me off. But seen as I dodged an op anyways, I sorta started thinking maybe I could handle it. So I went up to Dublin to my hospital and asked them about it, 6 months later I was asked back for a biopsy of a part of my back passage that is left to see if it was Crohn's or UC. Turned out it was indeterminate UC, which means it's more risk to get the reversal. It's 10 percent no success in UC, but with IUC it's 25 percent, still good odds me thinks so I'm gonna go ahead with it, on a waiting list now for a bed so could be called at any time!!! NERVOUS AS FRIG THOUGH!!! Must start researching how people get on with it but then again the more you know the more nervous it makes ya I think!!!!! x

Hi there, just read your blog, interesting thought on how your bag started working, as I've just had a blockage over the weekend, and nearly had to be taken in, but it sorted itself and started working. I was lucky this time. Just wanted to say the odds on success for reversal, well no two people are the same. All I know is if I had the chance for reversal, which I don't, I would go for it without a doubt, but nervous, yes, I would be like you. I hope it all works out well for you, I'm sure it will. Good luck with your op, Irishcuddy. TC Ambies.

Thanks, Ambies. So true about the whole odds thing. It is purely down to the individual. Blockages are a beeyatch. They just seem to creep up on you out of the blue. I always end up wrecking my head thinking what I could have done or eaten to have caused them. I have gotten them about 5 or 6 times and every case resulted in hospitalization and drip motion!!! Ah well, that's life without a colon. It could be worse though!! : ) HaHA yeah, staruk the whole shitting yourself fear. God, it's been a long time since I had literally THAT fear. These days, it's the whole fear of the bag bursting itself rather than shitting yourself fear!!! Ha, what a chat!!!!! Ha. Thanks x x x

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Lol the phrase shitting yourself, forgot the feeling of that one, been too long ha ha. Never mind, can always look forward to bag burst. Well, I don't really, but there you go, same thing really lol. Yw Irish, always pleased to help with shared Ambies..

I say if you're feeling good right now, then why push it? I had my J-pouch made about a month ago and have been miserably sick ever since. Honestly, I wish I had never done it. But that's just my opinion. Only you can decide what's right for you. Best of luck to you with whatever choice you make.

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