Disney World and Universal Studios: A Childhood Dream Come True!


As expected, I have not kept up with this whole 'blogging' thing. I'm nearing the end of my Halloween break though, and it's 3am, so I figured I'd say hello. I've got a few nice little stories for you anyway.

Instead of being locked up in the bootcamp my father tactfully called 'boarding school' for the last week of school, I went to

Wait for it

DISNEY WORLD. Oh yes. Ohhhh yes. In Florida, and Universal Studios too! I was with my mom, sister, and brother (who came down from New York, where he has moved for a year after getting his Barristers degree thingy), and we stayed with the mother's friend who has a house about 20 minutes from the park.

Let me tell you people, there is no superfluous word to describe it. It's like having your entire childhood realized in a day. Plus the guy they cast as Peter Pan definitely lived up to my childhood crush. Phwoarrrr..

I went on my first rollercoaster, Space Mountain (nice easy one to start on right? Wrong.) and about 3,000 others as I had no choice in the matter. To be honest, I'm glad I wasn't allowed to say no as once I was on them I adored it. It was cold in the mornings and evenings and just below uncomfortably hot in the day-perfectomundo! We did a fair bit of shopping, too, but I limited myself as much as possible as those two parks are NOT cheap. Bloody 'ell. Got some tops and a good pair of jeans, which are impossible to get here for less than 90 euro.

I was also proposed to by a guy who made the best fudge in the world. Can you imagine the wedding cake? Easiest decision of my life. You're all invited.

Went to Harry Potter World, and it looked like J.K Rowling's brain exploded neatly into a section of Universal Studios. I had frozen Butterbeer (much nicer than regular) and Pumpkin Juice (BEWARE. Buy it for the bottle but do NOT drink it!!). I got to hang out with my brother more there as we all split up and I latched onto him, I didn't really realize how much I had missed him :( and now I miss him again! GodDAMNIT you guys! Afterwards we went on the Aerosmith rollercoaster, my first time going upside down and I was dreading it. Thankfully, Steven Tyler's screechy voice soothed me and I just sang along to 'Love in an Elevator' the whole time. Awkward when the music turned off and I was still singing.

...And dancing in my seat...

There was a lot more to the trip, but it's not coming to mind now so it's probably not all that interesting, and there were a lot of bad points in it, but I'm pretty sure if you get to go to Disney World AND Uni Studios, you're not allowed to complain. I'm pretty happy to abide by that rule.

The biggest thing to happen, however, was not my near-death experience with freakishly large birds, nor was it my kicking a dragon in the face (the park staff really don't like it when you do that.. it surprised me :/ )

It was that I have a new view of my mother. Although she acted the same as usual, I saw another side to her. She genuinely wanted to bring us just to spend time with us and make us happy. The poor woman spent every cent she had, just because she said once when I was small that one day we'd go. I also saw the full extent of how hard she tries to keep up with her friends (who are all filthy rich), I saw her take my sister's Armani/Guess/Ralph Lauren bags and put them in her suitcase to have in the house when others came around. It absolutely broke my heart. I paid for my own food and my Universal Studios ticket, and my brother paid for everything on him, but she was really struggling. My sister gave her 3 dollars at lunch once and said 'I owe you 7', when I knew she had about $200 in her purse. This was in the airport before coming home.

Anyway, my point is that I'm going to make sure my mom knows how much I appreciated the trip and especially her. I need to start letting her back in.

PS since this is meetanOSTOmate, I should mention it. Ralph (we named my stoma) was very well behaved over there, didn't hold me back at all :)

I have another pressing matter but I'm going to write it in a separate blog, as this is becoming a bit of a pix'n'mix of topics

soo, till part 2!




Hahaha, I went to Universal and it pissed down all day. So, the next day, I had a rotten hangover and didn't get to Disneyland. Bummer! I went to see stars' houses and fell asleep. I couldn't see everything with the rain. January is not the smartest choice. Now, why did you kick the dragon in the face?

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Helo Noodlepip,I've never been to Disneyworld but it sounds as if you had a great time in more ways than one. It was a pleasure to read about it and how you felt.Thank you so much for sharing this.Best wishesBill
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Hi, it sounds like you had a fab time there. I have never been there, but if I got the chance, then I would love to see it all. So pleased you didn't have any hiccups from Stoma. Love the name Ralph, lol. Just wrote a poem in a blog about Alfie and me. Think we should have a comp who has the funniest name for Stoma, lol. Anyway, pleased to see you blogging again. Look forward to part 2... tc ambies..


I'm afraid I've already beaten you! This is my 2nd stoma, the first was called 'Thorpe' :P Thanks for reading!

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I really try to be nice to Ferbie but he just bubbles back to me. But, he is young, 5 months old, so we have plenty of time to get really close!!!


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