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Day 11 Post-Operative


Is it really only 11 days since the operation which left me with this delightful belated Christmas present? It feels like 11 years! Still, I did wake up this morning and actually forgot I'd got the bag until it decided to remind me with one of its digusting bubbly gurgles,curse it. I do wish its output would 'firm up' because I'm getting heartily sick of this repulsive, stinking liquid noisilypumping itself from my midriff with dreary regularity. The stench is so foul during changes that I have tobreathe through my mouth to stop me gagging and the various sprays I've been given are neither use nor ornament. Even our chicken coop smells better than the bloody bathroom does after I've been in it! Another problem (as if I hadn't got enough) is that the skin around the stoma has become red and inflamed, despite my care at cleaning around it. I think it's the wipes that the stoma supplies company sent, it was okay until I started using them, so from today I've started to use the water spray and tissues for cleaning instead.

We went out yesterday to buy a more aesthetically pleasing container for the mountain of stoma related 'goodies' which has swamped the bathroom since my discharge from hospital. I'm sorry, but a nasty, shiny, battered white box with stuff crammed in any old howjust won't cut it, dear me no. We now have a lovely canvas covered box in calm pastel stripes, reminiscent of deckchairs and summertime rather than screaming "Someone with a colostomy lives here!"

I was quite exhausted when we got home and every bump in the road was very uncomfortable, despite the spouse's care and attention in driving. Saturday wasn't really a good choice of dayto hit the shops, everywhere was full of frenzied idiots going berserk in case they were missing out on a tuppence discount in the sales. Of course there were screaming, out-of-control kids running around everywhere too, not looking where they were going and totally careless about crashing into people, which I found rather alarming. I shuffled round with my walking stick and my other hand across my middle like a half-shut knifein case one of the horrible little sods collided with me, but it was like hell on earth. Maybe it's just me being a grumpy, post-operativeold bag, but in the UK today it seems that parents don'tthink it's their responsibility to control and discipline their children in public places in order to prevent them being adamn nuisance and amenace to others. As long as their little darlings are out of their hair and not causing them any bother, they couldn't give a stuff how much they annoy everyone else. I blame Supernanny- never mind the bloody naughty step,clip the little bugger round the ear! 

So .... another quiet day on the settee popping painkillers, drinking water and reading the Sunday papers. District Nurse is coming tomorrow morningto take out my operation clips - oh joy! I shouldn't moan really, the wound, which is huge and looks like a railway line, has healed very well indeed with no problems, infections, weeping etc. so I should be thankful for that.

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Hi egg and chips i thought mmmm from uk lol. Well having read your blog i really feel for you as your a newbie to the bag,and having all the things and feelings happen. As far as the soreness around the stoms,try just cleaning it with warm water and then dab dry thats all i use as i have very sensitive skin. The noises from the stoma and the loose stool is normal as you have just had your op. Things will get better as your eating pattern changes and so will the stool. The odour your talking about is also because of it being so new and can be due to what types of food your eating, a little tip for you if you can abtain some essential pepermint iol a few drops of that into the bag befor you attatch it will help with odour,helps to make pouch and contents helps to nuetralise things,much better than all the sprays ive tried. Iguess your feeling rather up and downs some days,its early days take each day as it comes. I remember having the same thoughts as you when i had mine,anger deppresion exception of the bag,but i realised it saved my life and had to come to terms with what i had, its no picnic but it allowed me to continue living my life again.. Stick with the site you be suprised how many folks on here have same problems and feelings,but also people here are willing to listen and help.. Look forward to reading what ever you want to update us with. Tc ambies...
Hi ambies, thanks for your kind comments and good advice about the peppermint oil. Yes, it's a case of 'Spot the Brit' with my username, eh? Lol! I could murder a plate of egg and chips but my bag'll probably fly off and splat against the wall ... let's say it's being very 'lively' this evening! ;-)

Hi there , another tip if stool get very lively and loose try eating marshmellows works a treat,and stops alot of gas forming.. Im from uk . east mids. Love the the ueser name very uk lol. Try eating small and often dont see why your carnt eat what you fancy in moderation,,its trial and error,can be a bit scary i know but it gets easier. Soft food to start with then ease other foods in,can be tender when passing stool when stoma is fairly new. I find not eating heavey meals after 6pm is better for me,but if i get peckish then a biscuit and hot drink uesually helps. Feel free to post any more questions, everyone will give some advice that may be of help. I love reading the blogs as some have helped me to get to grips with my problems from time to time,and have been greatful for answers off others on here.. Egg and chips yes could eat that too lol.. tc ambies...

Welcome along Egg and Chips. Oh, how I know how. I'm sure we've all been through similar recoveries here. You've received some superb advice here from Ambies which I was glad to get too in my early days. The main thing is not to panic....everything will settle down and you'll get more confident every day. If you've got the time have a look at the previous blogs here and you'd be surprised by what you'll learn. And love the name too! Like Ambies, I could do with a good plate of egg and chips right now...LOL Take care, Colm
Hi Colm, thanks for the kind and reassuring words and yes, I shall have a look at some of the other blogs, probably tomorrow. I'm listening to old ska music on YouTube just now and wishing I could dance to it .... never an edifying sight, even pre-op and pre-MS! Lol! xx
Hey eggandchips we get you I kinda had to LOL at your descriptions cause your on the ball i have to say it will be a while b 4 the liquid turns firmer i still have watery shite (HAHA) somtimes and yeah i used to nearly vomit everytime i emptied which i thought i had to do everytime somthing came out its morning here in Melbourne so reading your blog even made me wanna gag HAHAHAH i know it sucks but there is stuff u can putinto the pouch and eliminates the odour i even know someones partner who puts mints in the pouch tic tacs cheap easy i use hollister 78500 Brilliant No smell at all ...Wait til u eat fich awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gross but i dont eat much fish wen i do i use the hollister deodorant and oe no smells ,so pop some on your next osty order ..taa taaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mooza xxxxx :p

Oh you go dance! Who's looking! There's nothing wrong with a little Ska music now and again...brings back many happy memories of college days. My sister and her kids often have YouTube disco nights and I'm amazed to hear what they're all listening to at times. Never be afraid to ask questions here......there are so many wonderful folk here more than willing to listen and offer good advice. Enjoy Suggs or Buster Bloodvessel or whoever you're listening to.
Hi mooza, thanks for the advice and sorry about my 'straight talking', bit of a failing of mine, that I'm afraid! Hope it didn't put you off your cornflakes! xx
Colm, I wish I could, but this chopped up old carcass of mine won't let me, plus the spouse would have a hairy canary if he came in and saw me exerting myself. I'd get told off and sent to bed - he takes his nursing duties very seriously! Currently listening to The Pioneers and Long Shot Kick De Bucket, which is highly apt since I darned nearly did! :-0 Lol!

Wow, The really are into your Ska! Haven't heard of them in years. I thought they'd broken up in the late 80s. As for Long Shot Kick De Bucket, I can remember The Specials covering that one. Well your hubby is right to take good care of you right now. I was still in Intensive Care after 11 days. What I mean is that it is very early days yet. You'll get your colour back and be able to eat most of what you want....just introduce things bit by bit and you'll be just fine. One tip though.....drink plenty of water.....its amazing how quickly you can become dehydrated. And don't worry about your straight talking.....I think we're all well used to it here. ;-) I've ranted a few times here and everyone has been great in their support.

Lots of good comments from everyone. Be as patient as you can - it really does get better. Really. Most of us have been where you are. I like a little baking soda in my bag. And I use ivory soap with no lotion or oils (occasionally) and water - seems to work for me. We each adjust a bit differently. Move gently and with as much ease as possible - looking forward rather than back.
hey eggs Im a straight talker too you didnt turn me off cornflakes ewww wouldnt eat that shite anyway HEHEHEHEH ..but just thinking i had tissues shoved in my nostrils for every time i emptied that made me remeber my gaggin and that hurts even more cause u use stomach muscles so NO throwin up cuz its gunna hurt ,,I know had 3 sromas off and on over the years xx SEEYA LATER wat eva happened to BANGERS AND MASH HAHAHAH TOODLES XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Just got home in ric. V.A. from reversal done friday morning. Popping pain killers and antibiotics, and just lying aroung hoping things continue to improve. I am optomistic. I will not forget my friends on here though. I'll check in here every now and then. Gotta go get another dilaudid!! Jay
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