First ostomy


I must admit I had a scare.

The first time that I saw it there.

I can’t remember what I said.

About this thing so crimson red.

Some thoughts were flashing through my mind.

About how fate had been unkind.

Most of all I thought “Why me!”

That had to have this ostomy.

What in the world had I done wrong?

That to this thing, I’d now belong.

This thing that stuck out from my tum.

Replacing my malfunctioning bum.

Right now I only speak for me.

When talking of my ostomy.

They told me I would benefit.

But I began to doubt that bit.

To tell the truth, I won’t pretend.

I thought that this would be the end.

I thought the active life I’d led.

Was now gone, forever dead.

There was no way that I could swim.

With what looked like an extra limb.

There’s nothing anyone could say.

To keep these type of thoughts at bay.

The negatives exaggerated.

As my mood degenerated.

It seemed that I had lost control.

Of my body and my soul.

But now I’ve had this ‘thing’ a while.

I can look back and I can smile.

For now I’m doing so much more.

And I’m more active than before.

B. Withers 2012

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Great poem, Bill, as always, and I can relate to all the ambiguities.

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Hi Bill, what a great poem. It sure is the way we all feel at one time or the other until our lives are used to the extra baggage and the problems are finally sorted. Thanks again x :) Way to go!

Hello Ambies waytogo.Thanks for your comments. I know I write these things largely for my own entertainment but it is always comforting to know that there are other people who might get something out of them as well. Best wishes Bill
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Hi Bill, I've just written a poem for Christmas. I will be posting it nearer the time, so look out for it. All the best, Ambies...

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Hello Ambies,Thanks for letting me know about the Christmas poem. I'll look out for it with eager anticipation as I loved your previous rhymes.I've been busy in the past few months compiling a spoof PhD thesis. - made up entirely of rhyming verse. (368 poems) Three of these are about Christmas but they express what people don't like about it. Like the other poems in the book that express negativity, I don't think they are necessarily suitable for posting on a site such as this.Anyway thanks, you have now given me something to look forward to around Christmas time. Best wishes Bill
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Hi Bill, thank you for your interest in my poem. It's called Yuletide. I hope you like it. Not long to wait... lol. Sounds like you have been really busy. Take care, Ambies.

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