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Ostomy grief


There’s far too many things in life
can cause us grief and bring us strife.
We know so well that some of these
may come with having ostomies.

But was the ostomy the thing
that really had that poisonous sting?
Or did it have some precedent
like a disease or accident?

If something worse has gone before
who knows what that held in store.
There may be other things to blame
long before our stomas came?

There is intrigue and mystery
in each and every history.
Perhaps the troubles we have now
were coming somehow, anyhow.

Some of us osties’ suffered crohn’s
with that comes many moans and groans.
Others struggled with IBS
which always caused a lot of stress.

Cancers might have been their blight
and stoma’s tried to put that right.
Also mistakes by other folk
where medics break what wasn’t broke.

With colon’s many things go wrong
and when they do we should be strong.
Sometimes when we are on the spot
we make the best of what we’ve got.

It’s pointless blaming stomas for
anything that’s gone before.
We’ve got them ‘cos it seems we must
so why not try to just adjust.

B. Withers 2013

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A great poem with a positive, inspirational theme.Kolan
Hello Kolan. Thank you for your comment. I'm especially pleased that you have read it and liked it, as it was part of your own last blog that inspired it. (A severe case of Diverticulitis was the culprit) Unfortunately, it proved very difficult to find a rhyme for diverticulitis otherwise you would have got another oblique mention withing the verse. Best wishes Bill
I like your poem. We may not like what has happened to change our lives, but it is best to accept it and keep going. Thank you for sharing your poem.
Hello cindy6319. Thank you for you comment. Your words ring so true. I am always and forever grateful to people who share their thoughts with me about these verses as that's the only way I am able to ascertain that there are some who read and appreciate them. Best wishes Bill
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