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There was a time in history

when stomas were a mystery.

As I had never heard the word

the thought of it seemed quite absurd.

My mind was unconcerned and shut

about things that concerned my butt.

Then this was suddenly all changed

when my guts were rearranged.

My intestines were dissected

and my colon disconnected.

The concept was quite difficult

a stoma was the end result.

I went in for an operation

to improve my sanitation.

Some get ileostomies

yet others have colostomies.

These are holes made into our tums

to replace old faulty bums.

Whatever way you look at it

they’re there to let our poo exit.

You end up with a great big bag

that fills with poo then starts to sag.

Bags can burst with faeces raw

and this is something we abhor.

When you have had your world so rocked

then this can leave you rather shocked.

It’s such an inconvenience

and not a good experience.

It’s little wonder some resent

what their stomas represent.

But on balance all the strife

just means that we’ve been given life.

B. Withers 2013

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