When once the seeds of fear are sown.<br />then they are fed by the unknown. <br />Undoubtedly our fears will grow<br />from out of things we do not know.<br><br>
It&rsquo;s likely we&rsquo;ll anticipate<br />unpleasant outcomes as our fate.<br />For even when things do go right<br />a stoma then becomes our plight.<br><br>
Us ostomates have for so long<br />witnessed so many things go wrong.<br />It&rsquo;s harder to stay positive<br />if all around seems negative.<br><br>
When the bad things we see and learn <br />then fan the fires of deep concern.<br />And medical incompetence<br />can not engender confidence.<br><br>
Bad news is often in a hurry<br />to feed our fears and inner worry.<br />I&rsquo;ve read story upon story<br />and they&rsquo;re rarely hunky-dory.<br><br>
The media is like a filter<br />pushing perspectives out of kilter.<br />We will discern all the bad news <br />and this in turn affects our views.<br><br>
Maybe if everything goes right<br />there&rsquo;s not the need to speak or write.<br />But surely we&rsquo;ve the right to fear<br />when operations loom quite near.<br><br>
Sometimes it&rsquo;s best if we don&rsquo;t know<br />so we can rest and let it go. <br />When our past fears are dissipated<br />at last we&rsquo;ll feel emancipated.<br><br>
B. Withers 2013<br><br>

I like that, Bill. Right on.

Hello Freebyrd. Thank you for your feedback. it is much appreciated.<br />Best wishes<br />Bill
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My thanks to you as well eddie - every little comment helps.
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Beautiful poem!!!

Hello Nina. Thanks for letting me know that you appreciate the poem as it does mean a lot to me when people enjoy the things I write. I liked your photos, even the sideways ones but I was also looking for Libby as people's best friends often say more about them than their own photos. It sounds as if you are doing well in your efforts to come to terms with everything that comes your way and I have every confidence that if you like jazz and swimming, then anything is possible!<br />Best wishes<br />Bill

Hello Bill,
Yes, I enjoy your writing! You write with passion, honesty, and a nice sense of humor! I've been trying to do things I never would before when I was working. I guess that's why I've been in bed for the last 3 days??? Second chances come with new adventures and I'm attempting to do just that, adventure! Thanks for noticing the sideways pictures! Lol! A picture of Libby and myself will be coming soon. An artist that I used to work with will be drawing the two of us when she's back in the country. No swimming or jazz as of yet, but I'm planning on going to New Orleans in late October or November, God willing!!!!
Thank you,

Hello Nina. My wife and I are both jazz fans and a trip to New Orleans sounds like great fun. I am also interested in fine art so I look forward to seeing your friend's work when you post it. <br />Immediately post-stoma, I found that most of life was a new adventure so I'm pleased to see that you are looking for that in your life and I do hope you take things steady and enjoy your experiences.<br />Best wishes<br />Bill

Great poem, made me cry. Everything makes me cry.

Hello cdm. Thanks for your supportive comment. I'm glad that you put the rider in that everything makes you cry, as it was not my intention to make people unhappy by writing this or any other rhyme. Although it is somewhat satisfying to think that the verses touch on people's emotions as that is surely what poetry is partly about. <br />Best wishes<br />Bill

That's alright, my friend. Too of the day to you!!! As you say, best wishes Angelica Marie.

Top of the day to you!!!

And to you too Angelicamarie!
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