Famous Figures and Ostomies: A Closer Look

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First, let me apologize for naming Queen Elizabeth II as an estimate. Apparently, I was wrong. My source was an ostomy nurse (now deceased) who was a mentor of mine. So, I thought it might be fun to investigate the subject again. For reasons that should be obvious, it is difficult to find out much about anyone famous who has an ostomy, as their privacy is paramount as long as they are alive. In addition, I do realize that not all sources across the internet are reliable, but I have done my best to pick sources that at least seem to be credible. For some reason, I could not open this link on my Pixel phone, but I have no trouble opening it on my iPad.

I don't know how much success you will have.


But I will post a screenshot for you.

Celebrities that live with a stoma bag


Matthew Perry in GQ tells about his stoma stories


Celebrities with a stoma bag


And yes, George Clooney


As I said in response to a number of queries about this: The fact that George Clooney has never, that I'm aware of, publicly stated that he does not have an ostomy after this incident occurred, I think speaks volumes. I've seen publications that state it was a misinterpretation of something he stated later, but this episode of The Graham Norton show happened earlier than the statement that they are talking about. I think at this point, he just would prefer people not discuss it.


As a nurse, I would never divulge direct patient information on someone who was alive unless they had given me their permission. In one case, this was so. Comedienne, dancer, and character actress Beverly Polcyn was a familiar face to me from movies such as Hook (line: "Smee!") and Legally Blonde (watch carefully during the bend and snap sequence), and she played a wonderful dramatic role in the final episode of ER and lots more.

She had an early ostomy with a take-down surgery twice, and I had the honor to be her ostomy nurse. She was an amazing human being and so fit even in her '90s. I asked for her to roll on her side so that I could look at her heels to make sure she wasn't experiencing any skin breakdown, and she kicked them up like a can-can girl. There isn't much she wouldn't do for a laugh. I asked her permission to share the fact that she had dealt with an ostomy, and she said that it was all right as soon as she had her take-down surgery so that she could tell people she didn't have one anymore.

Unfortunately, she had to live through this remarkably fun procedure twice, having had the successful take-down and then having a reoccurrence of her condition, causing her to require another ostomy and eventually another take-down. (Take-down is a term for an ostomy reconnect or anastomosis)

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Mmmm......In this ostomate's vocabulary, there is no such thing as a stoma bag.

There is a stoma and a bag (appliance).

The two are separate and totally different.

........As the English language takes another hit!


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I've noticed that many of our British members make reference to their 'stoma bags', something you don't hear in Canada or the U.S., so I guess it's a Brit thing.


Getting Support in the Ostomy Community with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

I'm surprised Clooney has a bag, is that permanent? The ex-president of Brazil also has one, a colostomy, his name is Bolsonaro, another Trump.

Brazil is the 8th economy in the world, so world leaders even have it, nothing to it, we got the market covered folks, soon we'll take over the world and make sure everyone carries one, even a fake one, like an ID card, if not, you get a summons. We'll go Orson Welles on everyone, a world run by ostomites, it'd make an awesome South Park episode!

The word ostomite is yet to make it to the dictionary I don't think.

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Sounds like a new bug.

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