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Stuck bag


I have a very thick output and when emptying the bag it is often left stuck together with out put…I empty everything that I can get to the bottom of the bag but the bag remains flattened. Will it still work? My Ostomy nurse said not to change the appliance except every other day. Is this ok thanks for any help Sunshine 

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You can change the bag as often as you long as your skin around your stoma stays healthy remains healthy. I change almost daily..I  have a colostomy and use a one piece.


Pour a little warm water in the bag, close it up, swish it around and empty again to clean it out better. 


You could also add more water to your diet to loosen your output.  There are also lubricants you can put in your bag that will help slide the output out.



agreed.. increase liquid intake.

add water to bag.

if u got a good barrier seal you should be ok for a few more days without changing the appliance.

i go abt 5 days.

used be 7..  you just learn day by day when. 


Put a little bit of baby oil in the bag after you rinse it out, Then blow a little bit of air in the bag.


I agree with  delgrl525 above.  I know what you are talking about.  Try routinely placing a stoma designated lubricant/deodorant in the bag before you change your barrier and every time you empty it.  Also increase your fluid intake so your output is not so thick.  I understand it is unwise to use vegetable oil or household lubricants because they could interfere with your barrier.  

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