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Post reversal 4 month update


Hey All!

it's been a hot minute so I thought I'd give a quick check in. 

One cool thing that happened before my reversal  is I posted an ostomy pic on world awareness day to my social media. I hadn't really let all that many people know what was going on with me for all sorts of reasons from I am pretty private in general to the usual amount of weirdo feelings that come along with having an ostomy. Hard to talk about it when you are still struggling to understand it. Anyways…. The cool thing that happened is I accomplished what I wanted with the post! One of my community members recently reached out and let me know the post inspired him to get his colonoscopy. They found some stuff, but feel confident that they were able to address it all in time. So, that Facebook post featuring my sexy poo bag did one person good. Yeah me! Yeah him!  

My recovery has been coming along well. I'd say my poop has progressed from brown water to squigglies to long skinny tootsie rolls and here and there an occasional almost normal poop. 

The frequency is still erratic as I figure out what I can eat. Sadly, for me, peanuts are now out. I don't know what came over me but even though I knew I shouldn't,  I ate two giant handfuls in some sort of a you're not the boss of me moment. I had that same feeling I'd have after defying my mom…Llike damn, if I had only listened to you I'd wouldn't still be dating this jackass or spending the night in jail! 🤣 but a little different, like shitting out peanuts every 20 minutes for 10 hours straight. And no, it does not matter how much I chewed them up. I was like, if I chew them forever it will be like just eating peanut butter. Nope.

I have my year from original surgery colonoscopy on May 8 as my final look through to make sure they got everything and that all looks good.  I did blow off an oncology appointment because I have been so sick of having my blood drawn. Bad I know, but I'll book that appt after the colonoscopy and then fingers crossed I can avoid hospitals. Labs and doc offices for a bit.

I hope everyone here is feeling good and finding the little things in life that make them happy!

I'll check in again in a couple months


elle d.

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Good for you girl, I hope you get everything you wish for x


Hope it all turns out perfect. Btw, I get the blood draw thing, not my favorite thing anymore either. 


Glad to hear things are progressing well elle!!  



Hello elle d.
Thanks for the update. it's always good to read how people are getting on, especially when it sounds positive.

Best wishes



Hi Elle

Thanks for keeping us posted on your reversal it helps a lot of people who are waiting or thinking about having it done. XX 


Hi Elle,

Very happy with my reversal too. Got officially released on 3/3/23. 3 months after.   This forum was very helpful for me. I hope you continue to improve! 

Take care,





I just realized I'm 4 months post reversal too, but didn't do the math til I saw your post. I'm thinking I skimmed your post earlier and that's why I was questioning if I should buy peanuts at the store 😂. I appreciate your description of what 💩 looks like now. My sil had asked me to describe it and I was like well… it was hard to put into words but I think you did a good job. I tell people (that ask) think smaller looking poop b/c it's coming from a small intestine and not a colon. 

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