Ileostomy: Concerned about Blood in Output

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I have an ileostomy 5 years now and noticed a little blood this morning but after lunch today there was a lot more. Has anyone else had this issue?


Hi K,

I'm assuming you're talking about seeing blood in whatever you empty from your bag, right? It's not "normal" to see blood, but if you bumped your stoma accidentally or had your dog step on you there, it could have bled a bit. Your stoma is really just a collection of blood vessels held together with a few layers of skin, so it will bleed easily if smacked into. If that's not the case, then the only way you'd see red blood in your bag (or in the toilet when you empty) is if it was coming from somewhere very close to the end of your bowel. Otherwise, it would mix with your bowel contents and just change the color a little bit, but not look red. Is there any pain? If not, I'd say keep an eye on your output and if you see it again (and haven't banged your stoma on anything), have it checked out. If you're having pain also... check it out. Better to catch things when they're small than when they become a major issue. Let us know how you make out.



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But depending on where the location you see blood matters.

Specific details would be more helpful.

Like you, I'm 6 years having the ileo.

It's permanent.

There is a stump and rectum.

For six years, the stump bleeding has been controlled with meds.

This is the rectum leaking, bleeding, controlled by meds now just mucus leaks.

If you are seeing blood from stoma... I can only say see the damn doctors.

If it wasn't the food causing the bleed (color) then you need to get this checked.

Red jello appears "bloody" when emptying bag.

THAT was scary. Details... please.

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Agreed! I assumed he meant in his bag... but if not, that's a whole other ballgame!!



All about the details.. righto Bob.

So far no update from the writer.

Hope he is ok.

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Yeah. I'm guessing you scared him off. Probably saw you were from Jersey, recalled that show Jersey Shore, and wanted no part of that!!! Can't say I blame the poor guy... you guys do have a reputation, ya know.



Oh Bob, you were a former Jersian.

Now a farmer in Maryland. Go milk a cow.

Now that's scary.

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Well... I would have been a farmer in Jersey, had they not bulldozed all the farms to make condos. I mean, someone has to grow the food... no? But I sure do miss the pizza, bagels, and hard rolls. Woe is me.

But you can arrange to have those at your ostomate get-together! I'll take care of the bill.



Love you, dude.

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