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I'm having a very unusual problem at the moment. My stoma for the last 9 months after having an operation for a Parastomal Hernia as been OK but as of last Sunday 16th my stoma started to Prolaps from 25mm to 50mm but then at night and in the morning it had Retracted to almost flat. It as been doing this each day night since. As anyone had this problem before??Regards IGGIE


Mine doesn't get bigger around but it does vary greatly on how far it sticks out.


Hi Iggie after having resection surgery and a new stoma created that will extend out about 2in. but when i clean around it retracts to about half an inch in length.

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I've had a temporary Ileostomy for 12 months after my resection for a colon tumor. For the last three months, my stoma has protruded about 2-3 inches when standing or upright but always went back in after lying down. My gastric surgeon said not to worry as long as it goes back in circulation/function is good.


Hi Iggie,I had problems with prolapsing when I had my colostomy. It started out with just a slight prolapse, an inch or so, but then one day it prolapsed several inches and my output stopped completely and the pain started. It required a trip to the ER, and I was told it was likely to happen again. It was shortly after that, that I was given an ileostomy instead. It may not increase with you, and the key is, as long as things are working, your output is not affected, you should be fine.


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Thank you everyone that answered, I appreciate your input.


I had one patient who would prolapse 8 or 9 inches (and in case you were wondering yes I mean inches and not centimeters) and then retracted flesh and it happened on and off throughout the day part of it was that commencements phenomena I described in a previous post but it unfortunately is not extremely unusual it's not even rare.

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