Stoma Support Garments for Distance Hiking

Doreen 21

Does anyone have any experience of stoma support garments for an ileostomy? I do a lot of distance hiking and recently my abdomen has started to feel "heavy" after about an hour of walking. Just wondering whether a support garment would help here? I can confirm I do not have a hernia causing the "heaviness." Any advice gratefully received. Thanks.


How much support do you feel like you need? The wraps I used didn't offer a lot of muscle support but kept moisture away from my skin and helped hold the bag in place better.
Any chance of diastasis recti?

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Hello Doreen.

I tried a few support belts but eventually felt that tyhe ones made by CUI international were the best ones for me. The main reason is that they fix together with Velcro so there is plenty of scope for adjusting the pressure  easily. They call it a 'Funcionel easy wear belt' and it can be made with or without a hole for the bag. 

Their details are:  GB freephone: 0800 279 2050  and are based in Leicester

They send a nice little leaflet with pictures but there's probably a lot more on the website. 

What I also liked about this company was that they were willing to make a belt to my own specification - which saved me having to DIY it!

Best wishes


Doreen 21
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Thanks for your reply. Definitely not diastasis recti. Hope all is good with you. Best wishes.

Doreen 21
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Thanks, Bob. I will check this out. Best wishes.

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I buy tight leggings (all colors and even in jean material) and wear a long top to cover the small mountain on my belly. These leggings are very comfortable and provide great support. I do have a parastomal hernia and have been fitted for a hernia belt. This belt is so uncomfortable and tends to push out "Vesuvius" (my stoma) - not sure if leggings are a good resolution for support but at least they provide great comfort for me. jb

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I had to have my ab muscles plicated together when my kids were 2-3 because I couldn't lift them without pain and they were at ages that still required lifting for certain things. I'd had 2 babies and 3 organs removed in a 16-month period, 2 of the organs removed during pregnancies and one was an open surgery so the muscles in my abdomen were on strike.


Coloplast makes a good one and they even give you a template to cut a hole for your ostomy. I do believe it's called a Brava ostomy support garment or belt. It's not the one that attaches to the pouch. This is more like a binder type, but I use it and it really holds things together so you don't feel that heavy feeling. But even a regular binder will do too. In the hospital, the nurse gave me a binder and she cut a hole.

Ostomate & woundr

The short answer is yes, they will help, and for the fact that you don't have a will. Every single ostomate has a defect in their muscle wall that a hernia can come popping through when the intra-abdominal pressure becomes too high. That defect is called your stoma. A hernia is when any guts squeeze through an opening in the muscle that's not supposed to be there and get trapped between the skin and the other side of the muscle from where they are supposed to be.

The heaviness you're experiencing may have to do with the fact that after some of your gut was removed, it left empty space behind and your body is resettling. Think of it similar to a pregnant lady who wears a pregnancy girdle for support. It's supporting the muscles that have got saggy because of what happened to them, and any guts that are still shifting or moving around can cause that sensation. So wear any support garment that your doctor approves, and I'm proud of you for walking. Keep it up and thank you for sharing.

Also, folks, the stronger your abdominal muscles are to prevent guts from squeezing out to begin with, the less likely you are to have a hernia and or reduce the size of the hernia and or delay the onset of a hernia.

Doreen 21
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Hi, thanks for your reply. From what you say, it sounds as though a hernia is only a matter of time, which is very worrying. You mentioned it's best to keep abdominal muscles strong. Just wondering, do you have any recommendations for how best to do this? Thanks.

Monsieur Le President
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Look good anyway

Monsieur Le President

I have always worn a belt which fixes to lugs on the appliance. It has always added that extra confidence and security.

The only problem is that I have never found a one-piece appliance with this feature.


For the support you are looking for, I would recommend the Stealth Pro Belt which is designed to enable you to do all physical activities you did prior to surgery.

It supports your bag very well.

I currently officiate basketball and baseball along with being an avid elk hunter with a bow. I'm running, stopping, hiking up and down hills out here in Oregon with no pull down from my bag.

This belt is manufactured for both horizontal or vertical, I use the horizontal with great success.

Check it out.

Doreen 21
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Thank you. I will have a look. Best wishes.

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I also use this brand on a daily basis when I'm out and about. Find it really helps, though it does get a little warm during the summer.


I have a fabric belt that supports the ostomy bag

A friend who also has an ostomy told me about them. They are washable and comfortable. Supports the bag well. I don't remember the site I got them from. I Googled "NuHope ostomy belts" on Amazon and found this site, which is not the same brand, but looks similar.

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