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Hi All My apologies for this question but does anyone with an ileostomy and next to no large bowel ever feel the urge to break wind in "the old fashioned way?" Such a weird feeling. Again apologies for the gross subject matter .

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Had similar operation as you and I question my surgeon about that and he says it's normal not to worry about it.


Doreen, you’re talking to roughly 29,000 people that have been cut up, sliced up, pooped themselves and you think farting is gross? 🤭 You’ll have to do better than that to gross us out. 

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FARTING???  EWWWW............GROSS!!!! 



Yep - a real fart happens to me about once every 3 weeks or so and it makes me giggle - get ready, there could be more🥹


I get lots of wind now out my bag but I get the feeling I need to poo like I used to before 6 months since surgery and surgeon said that was normal it weird feeling when u can't do it ha ha u will get used to the changes soon hun xx 


Most people who have no idea what each of us have been through would think it's gross BUT any question you have feel free to ask because we all know it's just a normal part of life for us.AND yeah the Phantom BUTT Syndrome is real.The 1st time I heard wind from the orginal wind maker after 2 yrs..I was like WHAT THE ...did that really happen and feeling like you're still connected at times is weird BUT don't freak out if you do pass a small amount out once in a bluemoon.IF it doesn't hurt or smell really bad and isn't bloody ...your ok.However if it's all the time get it checked out further.


Hi all fartings only gross when the dog does it and then smells its butt.

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Dog farts are the worst and I have 3 dogs 😬

Reply to ron in mich you wouldn't smell your butt if you could........


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Hi Bob its bad enough to have a front butt and the stink rising up no need to put my nose by it, not to mention i might get an eye shot out.  lol


That’s hardly gross! ;)
Yes, I’ve had an ileostomy since I was 11 (I’m 53) and I sometimes get that sensation. I asked years ago, and it’s ok. 


I love the fact that you're being sooo proper about farting, passing gas or ripping a good one. You'll have that feeling every now and again. the best is when you get that feel and you tighten you stomach and your stoma sends you a greeting. :)



Yes, it's a very strange feeling.  Having the "Ken Butt" and the urge to pass gas is hard to imagine.  Kinda wish I had an X-Ray to see what's still left down there.  It's been going on since the operation.  Reminds me to hope the Surgeons stiches were good.  

Best of Health, 



AS you may realize.....feeling the urge to " fart"   or pass gas,    is not uncommon for those of us who are " sewn up...   Every so often, I feel pressure, as if I could poop, an d on ocassions,  I have had dreams where I thought I had..    STrange dreams.....but nothing happens, and it's not unusual to have t hose sensations, because you might still have active nerves in the area..   The way I healed ( from my ileostomy)    is t hat t here must be intestin, or a curve  along my waist on the right.... because I can sometimes " feel",  the internal poop, making it's way to the stoma opening.    Back in the days when I was able to digest happened more often, and reminded me of being pregnant and seeing the baby's arm  or knee through the skin..    But some years ago,   too much fiber ( like corn on the cob)   caused some I don't eat much of that anymore...    I have m y ileostomy for nearly 60 years,    and for most of t hat time, I had few complications..   But in the last few years, I developed IBS......lots of uncontrollable gas....and that causes some issues, with the pouch filling with air, and not with output..  I'm taking probiotics,   but have also had to cut back on some foods, vegetables and fruits...    I may not have the enzymes to digest certain foods.....but it's erratic..   Gone again, are t he days  of just eating what I liked  & wanted...   Buy digestion does change as we got older......and I'm going to be  75..    My stoma has been a blessing , as it 's allowed me to live the life I always wanted......   swimming, traveling,   enjoying foods, activities,   that I never could have done   without it...    Best of luck to y ou.  Marsha...

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